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Friday, November 20, 2009

Untapped potential

From South America, an idea on how to cure the recession and eliminate obesity at the same time.

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The Department of Agriculture will soon be able to subsidize dieting for liposuction farmers.

Ewwww...I read that while eating lunch.

But, talk about incentive to lose weight!

no way some backwater Peruvians beat the Chi-Coms to this idea. If there was a profit to be made, I'd say the marked would be flooded with the fat of dissidents.

That's really disgusting! Makes you think twice about that make-up you put on this morning. Well, may not you because you probably don't wear make-up, but it you did, you'd think twice.

I hear this was one of the methods proposed for financing the health care bill currently under debate in Congress.

With makeup, they call it "collagen." Which is sort of like calling "not able to get it up", "ED."

I saw this in today's paper. One wonders how long it will take these folks to discover the motherlode in the Walmarts of the southeastern US.

Remember the scenes at the dumpster outside the lipsuction clinic in Fight Club?

60k for a gallon of fat? Where do I sign up?

"Dr. Lisa Donofrio speculated that a small market may exist for "human fat extracts" to keep skin supple, though scientifically such treatments are 'pure baloney.'
Tell that to the rhinoceri.
I hope that prenatal care isn't subsidized by baby oil suppliers. Sorry for the metaphore to mink ranchers. Please stop this thread until all the worm dropping farmers finish their audit.

Listened to an expert on Peru today and he called BS on the whole thing. He was on Ira's Science Friday and suggested that these stories appear every now and then but have never been substantiated when the story is delved into in detail. FWIW

2 words.... soylent green

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