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Monday, November 16, 2009

Turning out the lights

Here's a grim little animation about our nation's unemployment.

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That reminded me of those movies where some plague is pending outbreak. Sad.

I notice that the center of the country, with their more simple conservative ways, always seems to do well.

mp97303--that's because the center of the country has mini cowboys herding cows the size of schnauzers, but they're cattle.

I thought capitalism won. What happened, is it now eating itself. Guess so! F the rich people and the drug addict/alcholic welfare cheats. Lets help the folks who pay the taxes, show up for work if they are lucky enough to have a job and those willing and wanting to work. F the illegals, they are vampires.

b, the real problem is our previous economy was built on servicing debt and the corruption within the financial markets that was supported by the legislative branches of our government that enabled it.

Now that easy credit isn't available and that debt isn't being paid back, how will those losses manifest themselves into our daily lives? That's the future ahead of us.

As far as the welfare cheats, they will always be with us.. I think long ago it was determined that it was cheaper to provide the "users within our society" with a little check from the government as opposed to paying to keep them incarcerated that was 10x as costly... As far as the rich goes, they always seem to win.. That's what money and influence and can buy...

We people in the middle will have to live within our means, like we did up through the 1960s...this hyper-consumerism we've been living in isnt sustainable...

Where are the jobs going to come from to put people back to work here in America, Which will in turn fuel the economy?

Gee - wasn't that huge "Stimulus Package" supposed to keep unemployment under 8% according to the White House?

Guess I need to move to the midwest, they've figured out how to keep people employed. Along with that, I bet those same states don't have the debt issues Oregon does.

Should I be impressed that I was strongly encouraged to apply for a position in Cincinnati, which appears to be in a blanket of unemployment?

What a wonderful example of understanding and effectively communicating with data that becomes information! I believe that we American's like pictures even if they're bleak... Thanks for the great perspective this offers and for the sobering message on the EXTENT of the recession. Speaking personally, it reinforces my belief that government is NOT the answer.

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