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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey 'dogs

Here is the lineup of pigskin action for this week in our charity underdog pool. An important note to our players: There are three Thursday games, and remember that I must have your pick of any of them by kickoff time (listed below). Also, please note that Thursday is Thanksgiving, and you may get distracted. For the other games, the usual 11:59 p.m. Saturday deadline applies.

See any 'dog here who can win its game outright? As usual, advice from any and all quarters is welcome.

14 CLEVELAND at Cincinnati
14 KANSAS CITY at San Diego
13.5 OAKLAND at Dallas (1:15 PM PST Thursday)
11.5 TAMPA BAY at Atlanta
11 CHICAGO at Minnesota
10.5 DETROIT vs. Green Bay (9:30 AM PST Thursday)
9 WASHINGTON at Philadelphia
6.5 DENVER vs. NY Giants (5:20 PM PST Thursday)
4 HOUSTON vs. Indianapolis
3.5 BUFFALO vs. Miami
3.5 JACKSONVILLE at San Francisco
3 ST. LOUIS vs. Seattle
3 ARIZONA at Tennessee
3 NEW ENGLAND at New Orleans
2 PITTSBURGH at Baltimore

The current standings of the players are here.

Comments (15)

Has there ever been a no upset week since you started playing this thing? Just curious.

Put me down for Jacksonville over the "Farty-Niners" as someone dubbed them.

I think there was a no-winner week in 2007-08. None last year, IIRC.

If there's a God in heaven, Oakland will beat the Cowboys.

I'll take the ultimate turkeys on turkey day — the Lions to shock the world, or at least the Packers. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

I'll declare early taking the Broncos at Mile High.

Gimme BEARS, because I need the points.

Tell me again how much you win if you have zero points at the end. Hey, its not as easy as it looks.

I am picking Oakland to beat Dallas.

genop's Mom thinks the Texans are a dog that hunts.

Jack, I posted my official pick to you by e-mail. In the meantime, I'll broadcast my thanks to you for organizing this whole event, and my thanks for everything in life that makes it possible for me to participate.

The ones I see with possibilities are Jets, Seahawks and Ravens.

I will take the Panthers.

Gimme Houston because I need the points.

I'm going to take da Bears.

My gridiron guru says Bret Favre is due for a Cutler-like meltdown. I'm probably going to get my Butkus kicked on this one, but what the Halas...put me down for the, er, Da Bears.

Wow. Rick ... as a lifelong fan of everything Chicago - except the White Sux - I want to express my thanks for that hilarity!

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