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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tax Deadbeat of the Week

It's Ahnold!

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Is now the moment for schadenfreude? It is not easy being governator what with everyone trying to make something out of every little shortcoming:

Some would even argue that a governator vert should not be driving a Porsche. Jealousy? Have you visited the OR coast lately -- especially around Bandon -- to observe how many men of a certain age are driving power sports cars like there's no tomorrow? Because there is no tomorrow.

Besides, what does $80K matter to a state government already teetering on the brink of bankruptcy? An elected official's private failings must never be held against performance of his public duties. Haven't you learned that in the local setting?

If you really want to act positively, rent his early cinematic efforts -- the ones unavailable daily on tv. Begin with "Pumping Iron." Know that a couple of mil from each rental will find their way to Governor Schwarzenegger's depleted bank account.

what does $80K matter to a state government already teetering on the brink of bankruptcy?

Well, in this instance its a federal tax lien, not a State of California tax lien, so your comment is a non sequitor.

Facts matter.

Keenly noted, Nonny; but is there evidence -- other than the apparent absence of a lien by the state against its governator -- that he is up to date on his state assessment? Could he have found it necessary to rob Peter (in this case, Tim) to pay Paul?

Or perhaps he has elected to retain the $80K owed to the feds inside the boundaries of his burdened state, risking the assault of wags and wits who do not appreciate all that he has done for them, as well as seizure of the silver Porsche?

We need more facts, including the percentage of the $80K that would make its way back to CA.

Yet the investigative press is hampered by severe paring during the current epoch.

Gosh! Could Arne tap into the alleged ill-gotten gains from his in-laws?

What did Teddy leave his beloved ones? We the people that is. Besides a universal economic depression?

Poverty for us and riches them?

Its hard to feel sorry for Conan of California...the beast will die before its slayed!

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