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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Look on the bright side, Duck fans. Now you can quit whining about the BCS and concentrate on booking your plane tickets to the Poulan Weed Eater Fiesta Bowl.

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Well, the Fiesta is a BCS bowl, I believe. The Ducks still have a decent shot at the Rose bowl though.

Nice to get some revenge on Boise State. How big is your victory over the Ducks now?

Quit whining? When David the con man reforms.

Jack ..."methinks you doth protest (gloat) too much".
As Scott say above, Ducks are still in pretty good position to go to the Rose Bowl.

Stanford, a pretty average team all told, played an almost perfect game today. Hand off to running back, gain 5 yards, throw a little rinky dink pass for 5 yards, repeat ad nauseam against a Duck defense who couldn't stop the plan.

Good coaching, good execution, next week Stanford will suck (again)

Ducks and Arizona still control their destiny. Win out and they are in the Rose Bowl

Both Oregon teams tend to do practice the whole season for the USC game, upset them, lose the next game, and finish out with one more loss or two.

I understand the envy for USC and joy when they are knocked off, but that does not account for making the PAC-10 look bad by not having a perfect season after beating USC.

There are no excuses for this loss. It was expected as usual every year.

The Ducks will lose again, probably to the Beavers. I'm just glad to have the whole national championship blather turned off for another year.

Tax supported welfare entertainment for the masses. Reminds one of Rome; bread and circuses, just not some much on the bread.

The 'ucks have to win out. Don't think they will. They still have Arizona and the Beavs to play. Sure, they could win both, but watch the tapes from last night's games and get back to me on that one. Arizona? A whole lot of smoke and mirrors going for them to get them where they're at. They’ve yet to play Oregon, at Cal, and at USC (not to mention their own rivalry game at ASU). My prediction: when the smoke from all that clears Arizona won’t be in the hunt anymore.

So, I really hate to say it, but it's gonna be USC again in the Rose Bowl. USC has the rest of their season at home in the friendly confines of the Coliseum, Stanford, UCLA, and Arizona. On paper Stanford and Arizona might appear to be potential losses, but I don’t think in reality it will happen in the Coliseum.

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