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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Side effects may include

I got a flu shot this morning, and now, suddenly, I'm craving nacho cheese Doritos.

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you got the wrong one. You wanted the N1H1, but got the NCD version. Your are at risk.

Yeah...At risk for a heart attack.

Did you get the Heiny too?

Perhaps the vaccine is "Hecho en Mexico".

Did you get the Heiny too?

They didn't have that one. They aren't even going to order it.

I got an email alert telling me that Goldman Sachs is in line for 200 doses of the H1N1 vaccine. I hope it's true -- things like that are how storming the Bastille gets going.

Jack - Get thee to the nearest supermarket.

Already took care of it, at the campus bookstore.

Kaiser has H1N1 shots in many of their clinics, though you have to be in one of their risk groups. I have a 4 week old son, so I qualified. Of course, my arm is a bit sore today, but I guess it's better then the piggy flu. Jack, maybe a video of the Beatles single "have you seen the little piggies" for a have a good weekend video?

So where you find the flu shot? Don't tell me all the profs at L&C qualified.

Apparently the active ingredient in your flu shot was THC.

So where you find the flu shot?

My doctor. Seasonal, not swine. He doesn't have swine.

My doctor. Seasonal, not swine. He doesn't have swine.

Does he have chickens???

You know, for augury purposes?

Swine are a bit diffcult in the cit-tay - I don't blame him.


I hear the heinie vac induces a craving for rinds.

You must be made of tougher stuff. Many recipients suffer stronger side effects--cravings for BBQ pork rinds!

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