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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reverse Midas

Paul Allen loses another one. Hey, at least the Blazers beat the Spurs.

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I wish Greg Oden played Tim Duncan 3 times a week. Tim forces him to be great and watching Greg respond last night was exhilarating.
By now, Greg feels like an adopted son of Portland so the way he scored on Duncan last night should make all Blazer fans proud.
And watching Oden block Manu Ginobili's shot late in the game was hilarious.

"Reverse Midas" is a bit harsh for the world's 32nd wealthiest human being.

Harsh, indeed. Allen is in the process of making, as the old saying goes, a small fortune.

After DOS, it's been one bad move after another, hasn't it?

How can this guy continue to float around the world in one of his 4 yachts (3 of which are listed as in the top 100 in size) if his companies are bankrupt?
I guess it is the "too big to fail" principle in action.

"Reverse Midas" is exactly right...Allen was the software guy, Gates was the business man - as soon as Allen left Microsoft all of his "business ventures" have been lousy...

sure he is rich, it comes from his MS stock and Gates taking MS to the next level...

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