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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reader poll: Who will win the Civil War game?

Well, the gods of football fortune have spoken, and it will indeed be Oregon vs. Oregon State for the trip to Pasadena. Oregon State crushed Washington State, and Oregon escaped with an overtime win in Arizona. (In other news, Stanford lost to Cal.)

The biggest Civil War game ever will be held on Thursday evening, Dec. 3, in Eugene. Who will win?

Who will win the Civil War and go to the Rose Bowl?
Oregon Ducks
Oregon State Beavers
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Oregon state! Fight FIght FIght!

oh someone beat me to it :(

Since you polled who we _thought_ would win (rather than who we want), I had to go with the Oregon Nikesters, and I just hope that my picking here is every bit as good as it has been in the Udog pool . . .

A sad and ugly moment from the end of the Ducks game:


Our best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to the victim.

GO DUCKS! UofO! This is going to be an exciting Civil War game.

Boise State regardless of the outcome.

If UofO wins, then that makes Boise State's claim for the Championship game all the much greater even though Boise State played more crap teams than half of the SEC teams combined.

If OSU wins, then Boise State can still make a claim that they beat the 11th best team in the nation all the while expecting everyone to forget the rest of their patty cake schedule.

Seriously, Boise State ain't going into a title game if they continue seasons stacked with 1 ranked team and the rest filled with teams like Tulsa, Bowling Green, Miami (OH), San Jose State, and other nobodies who would be somebodies if there weren't petty commissioners barring the WAC and Mountain West from being swallowed by the PAC-10 and other mainstream, legit conferences.

The same logic and disregard applies to TCU whose claim to the title are ranked Mountain West teams who themselves rarely play out of conference.

What a game that UO/AZ tilt was. It's nice to see a time nail the clock mgmt and playcalling part of a drive when it's on the line.

Go Ducks!

Great day for football yesterday. Biggest Civil War maybe ever coming up. Go Beavs!

Who wins the Civil War: The fans - it's bound to be exciting both on the ground and in the air. Both schools. Both teams are bowl bound and will reap national exposure for recruiting and $ for their programs. The City of Eugene economy - good luck finding lodging, plus restaurants, and bars will be pouring lots of libations and serving up plenty of food. As for the outcome, the teams are so evenly matched in my mind that the only decisive factor is home field advantage. Ducks by 3 in OT. Lets get this party started.

Oregon 44 OSU 14


"Oregon 44 OSU 14"
Dream On!
Go Beavers.

The prelude to "the game" in '54 was more fun than the game.

Re: Boise State

They don't get to pick who they play in the conference. They are in the WAC, so they play the WAC. They could either try to get into another conference, or go independent like Notre Dame if they don't like it.

They try to schedule ranked BCS conference schools for their three out-of-conference games they have every year, but there is no incentive for the BCS school to do it. Take #1 Florida, for example: they retain a #1 ranking playing cupcakes like Charleston Southern. There's nothing to gain by playing stiff competition unless you're unranked and need to prove something, so you might as well schedule the Charleston Chews and run up 55 points for an extra scrimmage. The Chews get a fat paycheck for going to Gainsville, and Florida gets a win.

Proving something, by the way, is why Oregon and Oregon State have scheduled Boise State 6 times in the last 7 years. OSU is 2-2, UO is 0-2 with a knockout in the first round.

Was that a cheap shot? So was Blount's.

One thing to remember about Boise State - they have to play the Nevada Wolfpack in their next game. Nevada has won it's last 8 games and has two backs as well as a quarterback who have all run over 1,000 years this season - a first for a major college program. They demolished a decent Fresno State team two weeks ago. And Boise State will have a serious fight on their hands this friday night.

Yeah, but what is Nevada's "marquis" win? A loss to a mediocre Notre Dame who's about to fire their coach? A loss to an equally mediocre Big-12 North team? A win against UNLV, who already fired their coach? Winning 62-7 in a scrimmage with a 1-9 San Jose State?

I will agree that this is the only other team in the WAC that's worth anything this year, but Boise State is going to roll Nevada, especially since they are playing on the Smurf Turf. Vegas is being generous in placing the early line at -12 BSU.

Just to get it down somewhere, my prediction for the 2009 Civil War-

OSU 35 UO 32


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