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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quiet morning around here

And cool, too -- our power's out. Apparently, a tree somewhere around here didn't make it through last night's gusty winds.

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Tough Sunday morning for you and your family - I hope the power's back quickly.
But isn't it amazing that you can still blog? It's definitely a brave new world out there. All these devices have formed a separate entity - like neurons in a global mind.

And that's just the levels of communication we know about. There could be other remote viewing-type hook-ups going on.

I mean look at the timing here: Yesterday you write a highly critical post of plum trees. Today trees knock your power out.

Clearly the trees are fighting back.

Reminds me of the note that showed up at the Forest Service office not long after Sony Bono and the Kennedy clan-member's skiing deaths:


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