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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not just another aerial tram

When you get to the top, no hospital smell.

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That's a gondola, not a tram. A gondola is smaller and less expensive to install and operate. OHSU might have come in on budget had they installed a gondola instead of a tram. The major drawback of an urban gondola is that it doesn't rhyme with "sam".

We're on track to break the November snow record at Timberline lodge.

It's stacking up like it has the last few years.


November 22nd, 2009Updated 5:00 PM

NEW SNOWFALL (in past 24 hours): 10 in.

SNOWFALL (in past 72 hours): 32 in.

BASE DEPTH: 69 in.



The nice part is that the Holding's pay for all that stuff with their own money. What a concept. Never asked for a dime from the local towns at the bottom of that gondola.

Great, I am so happy that the richy McRiches of Sun Valley have a new gondola! I can enjoy this when I fly my private plane in to Ketchem and stay at my jillion dollar condo at Sun Valley.

You forgot the rim shot after "aerial tram".

Our drummer is on vacation this week.

The Olympic Committee at Whistler is thinking about delaying the Olympics until later in the spring after some snow melt. The snow depth on Saturday was over 194 inches. WoW.

Frank's right about ohsu coming in under budget if they'd gone with gondolas: http://gondolaproject.com/2009/11/02/no-city-wants-to-be-first/

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