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Monday, November 23, 2009

Mowing the weeds

The NBA sure handed the Blazers a candy-ass schedule for the month of November. And it continues this week. Tonight they host the Bulls, who are on their annual, always hideous Circus Road Trip, on which they lose five out of every six games. Then the 0-13 Nets and the hapless Grizzlies are here, on either side of Turkey Day. Right after the Griz, though, the Blazers get on a plane and fly to the soccer capital of the world, Salt Lake City, for a legitimate opponent.

With all these wimps on the schedule in the early part of the season, one intuits that there are going to be some brutal stretches toward the end of the season. Which may account for many knowledgeable Blazer fans' uneasiness about the team's progress so far. They're 10-5, but against some terrible competition. Their competition so far have a combined record of 64-82. Counting the next three games, it's 71-101.

Comments (3)

Fortuitous, as this team needs to get its act together and if you can get Ws whilst doing so, that tends to be better.

The sooner we nail down a solid 9-man rotation without switching it up every 3 games, the better.

No, we're going to continue to screw around with Bayless, so make it a 10-man rotation.

Hey, bojack... where's the Greg Oden sidebar? :)

Even Bayless is starting to look like a decent player. While he'll probably be the fifth guard for some time (Roy/Blake/Miller/Rudy is a tough rotation to crack), if he can play defense in the NBA as well as he did in college, he may well do it.

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