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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet me on Bong Street

You talk about your tourism opportunity going to waste. A highly alert reader just pointed out, on our blog post about the latest wasteful Portland Airport expansion talk, that there's a Bong Street out that way:

People, this is big. We could get travelers from all over the world to come to Portland -- just to have their pictures taken in front of a street sign out there!

Comments (16)

They'll be arriving on Flight 420 at 4:20PM.

Is this your impersonation of Vera?

I mean since they're already coming here to see our Tram.

Just don't leave any water in that bong!

I mean since they're already coming here to see our Tram.

Waaaaay more people would come to see Bong Street.

Duuuude, where's my car?


Many U.S. air bases have a Bong Street nearby. Respeck.

Oh, well. There go the tourism possibilities.

Bongs are just so tacky. Then again, so is regular marijuana use, period. I'm no prude though, every once in a while, I get a hankerin' for a little reefer late at night, and if I do give in to the urge, it's definitely not imbibed through some gross bong...

19 year old dudes living in filthy overcrowded apartments, with pimply complexions and hints of facial hair, that's what bongs make me think of. That, or their even uglier girlfriends who drive half-broken down Buick coupes chock full of fast food trash and neglected bastard children.

Ugh, I was just now thinking about all the spit that must drool down in those things when people smoke. Right into the communal bong water.

Tacky, tacky, tacky, the bong is.

Please do not name a street after this item. Even if you smoke reefer like a chimney with your medical card to back it up, think up a better weed-reference name for this street.

Willie Nelson Boulevard, anyone?

Actually Cabbie your stereotype is stale and incorrect. Not everyone who inhales is a character in a Judd Apatow movie...there are plenty of professionals and "hot chicks" who partake. Here's a recent article ya'll might find interesting... http://www.marieclaire.com/celebrity-lifestyle/articles/living/female-stoners-2

Probably named for RIchard Bong, WWII pilot and America's all time ace. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Bong.
If you ever get to Superior, Wisconsin there is a Bong Interpretive Center and numerous other places named for him. Probably one of the more unfortunate last names in AMerican History. :) :) :)

When I was a mailman, all the addresses there were listed as 63rd. Had I only known. Maybe that explains the sudden urge for twinkees when I got there.

Considering where it's located, any suspiciously large gathering of tourists would probably be rounded up and trotted off to the justice center as "terrorists."

rt3 - On the subject of unfortunate names, I'd rather be a Bong than a Tits - I once tended bar in college for a French mathematician named "Jacques Tits" - he was the only one at the party with his "Hello I'm" sticker stuck on the underside of his lapel, & then he showed me why...

Thank you for the clarification, RT3.

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