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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is that really Earl the Pearl, tweeting?

If so, he's getting a little loose with it.

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Total non-sequitur. Folks born in Hawaii before statehood are also US citizens.

Any fair wager, say a Best steak in town, dinner that BHO,is a one-termer.

That he just may have missed where he was born..kinda like the local pilots from this area, not 125 miles..but 10,000.

That all the "czars" are unconstitutional

That he should have gone to Texas to be with his troops until waiting until Tuesday.."W" already was there..with no media train.

Lastly,..that my doctor said he will retire if the medical train wreck pass's...how about yours Jack?

Always glad to see Earl is of such depth and can stay on point for the voters of Oregon.

He should look in a mirror every once in a while, Wu might pass him on the IQ scale.

Hmmmm. I thought it was rather amusing.

For the record, Bachmann didn't question Obama's citizenship, just his (and other Democrats') patriotism.

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