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Friday, November 27, 2009

In this interlude

Thanksgiving sure was tasty. Our hosts carved up both a whole roasted turkey and a smoked turkey breast, and the fixin's were spectacular. I had read an article about regional Thanksgiving menus earlier in the day, and it had me thinking about pecan pie. Sure enough, one of our fellow guests brought along just such a pie -- divine.

Oh, and there was quite a bit of wine sloshing around. Mostly it was fine Oregon pinot noir, but I sneaked in a bottle of Washington merlot, another of northern Cal zinfandel, and a French chardonnay for the white wine drinker at the table. For dessert, we had folks try this stuff, which to me is dangerously good.

We didn't take leftovers home with us, but not to worry, we're going to stage our own turkey dinner rerun here this afternoon. Somewhere in there, maybe we should go for a run. A walk, at least. Thankful? How could we not be?

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, my mind turns toward the cyber Christmas party. I know the economy is down and all, but are you having one this year?

Of course! When times are tough, the last thing you should cut out is the party.

A guest brought a pecan pie to our gathering as well; Delicious to be sure. I was surprised to learn that my parents, who are in their 80s, had never tasted it before. Also, we've been doing broccoli casserole for about 30 years. I think we found it in a holdiday cookbook and liked the recipe. And I am going to try the cranberry liquor next year, if not sooner.

When times are tough, the last thing you should cut out is the party.

This could be Sam's motto.

Ah, yes; Steve McCarthy turns out the best spirits. His grappa is most excellent at settling a big meal. And we love his eau de vie. What a guy!

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