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Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday shopping? Can't go wrong with jewelry.

Check out these gems. They are sure to send a heartfelt message to that special someone in your life.

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Send it to your favourite person at the Water Bureau....

Yeah! a nice buffalo chip pendant! Something heavy so we can keep Randy's nose to the ground!

Speaking of jewelry - I heard a new low for the bankrupt Shayne Company on the radio this morning - the pitchman referred to competitors' diamonds as looking like "frozen spit!"

You'd better act quickly, as I heard Tiger Woods is making some big ticket purchases for his wife a la Kobe Bryant. These have to be on the top of his list.

Don't you remember our local zoo's gift shop selling Zoo Doo? (aka elephant poop)

As we all know there is nothing funnier than poop. Perhaps Fireman Randy and Mayor Creepy could get a part time gig fashing jewelry from their verbal unchi.

Looks like a piece of sh-- to me...

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