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Monday, November 2, 2009

History question

Last night I was grooving along to one of the many blues CDs that I picked up in a big eBay purchase over the summer. It was Jail by Big Mama Thornton -- a splendid collection of songs recorded live at prison shows. Imagine my surprise when I glanced at the back of the CD case and caught this:

Can any long-time Oregonians out there confirm that there was a "reformatory" in Eugene? Maybe she just played the U of O and thought it was a correctional institution.

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Another work/study camp was built on State Parks land on the mid-Oregon coast near Florence, Oregon, in 1965. Camp Florence was initially used to serve academically-challenged delinquent youth.

This is the only thing I could find anywhere near Eugene at that time.

Somewhat before my time growing up there, I think. But here's one of the only other references I could find to it:





John DALY passed away on Thursday, January 6, at 4:30 in the morning at the Soldiers Home at Orting, Wa. Mr. DALY came from Ontario, Canada, to the west in an early day, after serving in the Civil war, and was at one time one of the landing lumbermen of Coos Bay, and also in Oregon. He and Perkins cut the timber off the present site of Seattle. Later Mr. DALY served for four years as an officer in the Oregon State Reformatory for Boys. He then came to Monroe where he served a term of serveral years as Monroe's first marshal. He leaves to mourn his loss a widow, Mrs. M. DALY who still resides in Monroe, and a son, Robert who is married and lives at Stanwood, where he is process man for the Carnation Milk Products Co.

Wouldn't the Oregon State Reformatory for Boys be McClaren in Woodburn? I'm pretty sure it was up and running in the 50s.

As I recall, back in the 50s and 60s there was a reformatory just east of the present location of Autzen Stadium. I remember my mom telling us when we asked why the tall chainlink fences. "That's where the bad kids go." That sure kept us from causing problems as we drove by.

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