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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Future to the back

Economists, ya gotta love 'em. "That suggests the recession will likely end sometime in the third or fourth quarter of 2009, he said." Nothing like "predicting" the third quarter, five weeks after it's over. I predict that the Yankees will make it to the World Series.

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And I predict that they'll win a minute ago.

You gotta love that "Positive Thinking and Reinforcement" kool aid that the free trade, sellout America corporatist types swig three gallons of each day.

If the economy grows 0.1%, then these out-of-touch d****e bags will be heralding, "The recession is over!" All the while, conveniently not saying that after an economic downturn, Main Street will not recover to what it once was before.

Conversely, Wall Street always seems to find another cache of foreign clients, invests their money in overseas companies making the numbers of big Wall Street investor firms bounce back up, and the little man in Akron, OH is left wondering why their compatriots in the NYC are not investing that money back into the USA.

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