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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Early bird 'dogs

In our charity pro football underdog pool, Robert and Hank have chosen Detroit to upset Green Bay. It's 10.5 points if they're right.

UPDATE, 1:20 p.m.: The Pack is back. Meanwhile, Flynn and Annie have chosen Oakland over Dallas (13.5 points) in the second game. Now, that's a longshot.

UPDATE, 11/27, 3:43 a.m.: We slipped into holiday dinner mode before the last game of the day started. And in that game, Denver beat up on the New York G-Men, for a 6.5-point pickup for three of our players: Kevin, genop, and Doug. Doug widens his lead over the pack, and genop moves into third place. But 13 of our players will get a chance to score for the week on Sunday.

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Detroit hasn't covered the spread all season. I went to the game today. They suck!

Hey hey!

For you Kevin, maybe this would slow you down.


It kind of looks like Kroger.

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