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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doesn't your 'dog deserve Alpo?

The fourth week of our charity pro football underdog pool sees important action today, with our players picking these 'dogs (in caps):

9.5 TAMPA BAY at Miami - Robert, Gary
9 SEATTLE at Arizona - Flynn, Michael W., Sidney, genop's mom
6.5 JACKSONVILLE at NY Jets - Kevin, Gordon, Doug, genop
6.5 CINCINNATI at Pittsburgh - Rick, Bad Brad
6.5 BUFFALO at Tennessee - Michael K., jmh, Dan, George, Andy
4.5 WASHINGTON vs. Denver - Mark
3 NEW ENGLAND at Indianapolis - Hank

To gain the points listed, a player's choice must win its game outright.

I did not hear from Annie, and so unless I missed something, she's sitting this week out. Nobody took these 'dogs:

16.5 DETROIT at Minnesota
14.5 ST. LOUIS vs. New Orleans
11 CLEVELAND vs. Baltimore
3 CHICAGO at San Francisco (Thursday; Chicago lost, 10-6)
3 GREEN BAY vs. Dallas
2.5 PHILADELPHIA at San Diego
2 CAROLINA vs. Atlanta
2 KANSAS CITY at Oakland

The standings of our players to date are here. Enjoy the games, everybody.

UPDATE, 12:22 p.m.: Bad Brad informed me this morning well before game time that he had sent me his Cincy pick yesterday afternoon. I either didn't get it or accidentally deleted it, but have decided it's on the up-and-up.

Comments (9)

Jack, check your E-mail again, I picked Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Steelers. Thanks

Man, I guess if I just quit picking I'll wind up with the same point total but without the angst. My dog doesn't deserve Alpo -- my dog deserves to become Alpo.

Between the Skins, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati your group had a great week with the early game.
Picking the Skins over Denver should have been worth much more.

I'll have what Doug is having!

Effin' Tampa.

Woo-hoo! Fortunately Jax won so I didn't have to feel too conflicted about cheering for Cincy.

Just shoot me now. Why did I ignore the "Blink" urge to pick Jacksonville?? Congrats to those who picked the Jags, the Bengals and the 'Skins. More football to watch, but I am hosed this weekend.

No. My dog deserves All-Pro.

You guys should have listened when I picked the 49ers to beat the Bears at Candlestick. Oh well - I watched about a half of the Chiefs vs. Raiders game. Talk about painful to watch - easy to see why BOTH teams are doing so poorly. Numerous basic ball handling mistakes, penalties, and bad decisions galore. Oh - and nice to see the Colts win in the last seconds against the Patriots.

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