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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dimey, can you spare a bud?

My back's really been bugging me the last several days. Maybe I need to take a walk to the drug store.

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If you really do have some back issues, try Mineral Ice. The best ointment I have ever found. And I know bad backs.

Who smokes ointment?

LOL. How would you know unless you try it!

Great, one more reason for the "creative class" to come to Portland.

Great, one more reason for the "creative class" to come to Portland.

Yeah, I'd move here just to be able to smoke at a coffeeshop. Give me a break. It's not just the "creative class" that partakes. And they certainly can't do it legally without a medical MJ card. I really wish people would finally (after what, 50 years now) get over the stereotype that unmotivated hippies and artsy liberals are the only ones smoking weed. And that those who use medical MJ are just doing it to get high. It's a safe, effective, and relatively cheap medicine for many people. Get over it. If it works for them, why should anyone care? It's ridiculous. And cruel.

Besides - yes I'll say it - what's wrong with getting a little high anyway? Social drinking is acceptable - not many people make stereotypical judgements about those who enjoy a glass or two of wine, a nice microbrew, or a trendy martini, after all. Why is one way of catching a mild, relaxing, buzz ok, and another so horrible?

Speaking as a bartender for 25+ years, I'd rather have a bar full of stoners than a bar full of drunks. I have yet to see weed radically change a person's mood, inhibitions, and behavior the way alcohol does. I've never seen a pot head black out the way I've seen alcoholics do. The high guy might fall asleep, sure. But he's not up unconsciously walking around (and driving, and fighting, and wreakng all sorts of havoc) the way a blacked out drinker is. THAT'S truly frightening, IMO.

If only everyone who smokes "came out," I think this stereotype would eventually die, as all stereotypes should. I personally know doctors, lawyers, successful businessmen, as well as elderly vets and, yes, young people in dreads and tie-dye too, who all partake on a regular basis and manage to live productive, healthy lives.

I wish everyone would grow up and stop being so concerned about a plant. We have WAY bigger problems to deal with, and wasting any more time, money, effort, or human suffering and pain on this issue is ludicrous. Like fiddling while Rome burns.

Sorry, a bit of a rant there, but after reading the comments to the story about this on the O's website (over 50 of them), I'm a bit amazed that so many people keep dragging out the same old BS when it comes to pot. There's a much higher caliber of commenter here, so I don't mean to insult anyone here by comparing them to the rabble that seems to so often permeate the O.

Oh yeah sure it starts out with a bud or two, next thing ya know you're stickin' a semi-automatic in the pharmacy tech's face and running off with $5k in oxycontin...

I haven't yet seen an explanation for how this works under the Oregon Smokefree Workplace law. Do they also sell enough tobacco to allow it to qualify as a permitted smoke shop?

I've considered getting a medical marijuana card because of chronic pain from a knee injury that prevents me from sleeping (and nothing else seems to work well). Don't even know if I would qualify. If I did, however, and I walked into one of these cafes (there's another one opening on Foster), I bet I'd see mostly a bunch of other geezers like me.

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