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Monday, November 9, 2009

Dialogue, 2009

"It's the green, sustainable thing to do."

"Is not."

"Is too."

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I am really tired of the extreme environmental wackos. For crying out loud, not everyone wants a lifestyle of riding a fixie, sleeping on a friends couch and shopping at the Goodwill. The nutso’s also want to curtail wind turbines because of the sage grouse. I hope they all piss each other off and splinter off to ineffective little cliques that will just wither away.

Hard-core environmentalists don't bother me half as much as the snake oil salespeople who now use "green" and "sustainable" to sell all sorts of products that are anything but.

Not mentioned anywhere in the article is the number of family wage jobs in The Couv tied to this project. The kiln in question is being manufactured up there and put a bunch of folks back to work in a city that can certainly use the jobs.

Those aren't the kind of jobs we need. We only need "green" and "sustainable" jobs - well, maybe a few "creative" jobs too. In fact, manufacturing an eco-unfriendly kiln is a form of reverse eco-terrorism, and should be punishable by mandatory training at the next Earth Justice summit. The troglodytes in The Couv need some forced enlightenment.

I'm laughing (sadly) about all this "sustainability" in regards to solar panels here in the Southwest.

I just had a good conversation with a past solar panel expert about why there isn't that many panels down here. He says because the panels fail very early in there projected life because there is too much sun-too much heat. They fail, the technology isn't making them work.

It's like Leonard forcing the marketplace to accept his lack of knowledge about making plant life into fuel-more energy to produce than that made. The environmentalists are confused.

Why do I get the feeling that "ssutainability" will be the "national security" justification for bad ideas from here on out?

"Green" will definitely be the next excuse for "public-private partnerships," or tax money enriching private real estate weasels:


Sounds like the fight between two environmentalists down in California - one who planted a bunch of trees (to suck up carbon dioxide), the other who claimed the trees blocked the sun to his solar panels (who claimed his solar panels offset more carbon than the trees would ever suck up).

A quirky California law made the treehugger cut down the trees in favor of the sunbather.

yadda yadda yadda...
The folks who sold us our solar panels for our off the grid cabin in the Gulf Islands told us we would get only enough power to run a 20 watt light bulb because we are located at 49 degrees north.
They were wrong!!!! big time. We run a fridge and freezer and all the lights we need and everything else all summer long.
Winter is a different story but we are getting a wind generator, and expect to have great results.

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