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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blazers have brightest future in the NBA

So say these guys.

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If you love the Blazers, vote NO on M66

It's good to see Nate starting to realize that they'll do well when they run a few plays through Oden. Double figures in points the past few games, and now he's starting to draw double teams and open up some shots for the perimeter guys.

If you love the Blazers, vote NO on M66

Now, that's funny. No, I think each Blazer should pay a few tens of thousands more in state income tax every year.

Especially Travis Outlaw.

But the article said that Oregon's high income tax was a negative in attracting free agents.

A NO vote on M66 means a championship for the Blazers.

That's perhaps the worst argument regarding why Hedo Tergolu didn't come to Portland.

What's the income tax rate in Toronto? Anyone?

About 20%

California also has a higher top income tax than Oregon and it still seems that there are quite a few people happily bringing in income in CA.

"What's the income tax rate in Toronto?"

Hey, once Chris Bosh and that Spanish guy that shoots 100% free throws are gone, Toronto won't be able to beat Charlotte (even if Michael plays.)

It is interesting, since I think the article is saying Portland has a deep and young bench. I think I'll let Kevin Pritchard pick my fantasy team next year.

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