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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in action

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Our family is heading over there today to help out. Come join us!

Is that a Nike Swoosh on the bottom right corner? If so, why?

A small swoosh is rather insignificant when you consider what they have done for the staff and students.

Nike School Innovation Fund representatives showed up Thursday morning with pastries and coffee from Grand Central Baking and then ordered and staged lunch for the Marysville staff. Nike will give a new backpack filled with supplies and a coat to every Marysville student, a bag to every Marysville teacher and sports equipment for the school.

Yeah, those b******s at Nike. Who the hell do they think they are donating those things. P****s. And they have the nerve to print up a banner and a swoosh to it. Corporate monsters.

Before you all go nuts, read my comment again. I asked if it was a swoosh and then asked why.

Thanks for clearing it up. I had no idea why a Nike swoosh might be appropriate (or not).

And, for an interesting look at corporate branding in public schools:


How is it this attractive structure escaped being sold off for conversion to condos during the recent dip in school-aged children?

Jeff, if more corporations paid more than the laughable state minimum tax, would there be less corporate branding in public schools?

One corporation that used to provide relatively unbranded financial support to local schools was WaMu. The bank provided $millions to Portland schools -- public and private -- through its WaMoolah© program. An account holder chose a school to support; each time he used his debit card, a small amount was added to that school's total. JPM Chase has stated publicly that it does not share WaMu's sense of social responsibility.

Speaking of social responsibility for education funding, should we be relying on lottery funds?

OK, we just got back from helping out at Rose City Park School. Let me tell you, there is still a lot that needs to be done. Our family has "adopted" a teacher, and we will be helping her out for the rest of the year. I think they value our time more than anything.

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