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Saturday, November 14, 2009

An easy way out for Paulson

Merritt, buddy! Go for it!

It's even got "linchpin" on it.

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80,000 seats? Not 'intimate' enough for Merritt.
The other problem? Pontiac is trying to get out of debt. Any deal with Paulson would only put them more in debt.

What, are they big soccer fans in Detroit?

The Detroit Timbers playing in the Goldman Sachs Dome.
I love it when a plan comes together.

Well, this should give you some idea of the future of PGE Park when MLS collapses after we chased out the one rent-paying tenant, the Beavers, for soccer.

I hear that roller derby is making a big comeback. Think of the size of banked track and the side railings that could be installed on that field. Three and four team competitions on the same track. The gals could all wear web cams on their helmets. Get close up action of the hair pulls and stereo sound with reactions to gut wrenching elbows to the solar plexus.

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