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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Alleged Oregon eco-arsonist busted in China

His time on the lam has come to a close.

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I Hope He Regrets leaving All of his Forest Faerie Friends in the USA.

They should just leave him in China. His time served there would be worse than anything they can do to him here.

Amen, Jon!
Why should the taxpayers be responsible for this creep for the next 30+ years?
and...33 pounds! of dope in the back yard??? Not exactly for "personal use".

After three years in a Chinese prison, his 8 to 10 years in an American prison will seem like a vacation.

The link to the NY Times article contains some revealing comments from the parents. His mother doesn't think her son is a terrorist. And the father doesn't think the son is a terrorist, because the ELF's mission includes language that says people and animals shouldn't be harmed. Both parents demonstrate the kind of denial and rationalization that helps to foster the development of terrorists and criminals. It's interesting, given that the father is a construction company executive, that he doesn't acknowledge that he has a problem with terrorists torching and blowing up PROPERTY!

So...what's Mandarin for "douche"?

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