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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You know it don't come easy

We pause this morning to express our sympathy for Little Lord Paulson. Not only is yet another one of his endless stream of fake deadlines about to come and go -- the City of Beaverton can't seem to find a suitable site for his proposed new $60 million*† minor league baseball stadium -- but now it seems clear that a majority of the City Council out there is starting to see the handwriting on the wall. There will be no need for a petition drive to put the city's $50 million of bonds for the project up for a public vote -- it seems the council will itself refer the matter to the city's voters.

A stadium bond election in the middle of a historic recession -- won't that be dandy? What if it's close -- will we need a recount?

Then, if the bond measure passes, the city will have to find someone who wants to buy the paper -- presumably Paulson cronies, as the family claims to have all sorts of friends with oodles of cash to lend for the deal. Meanwhile, the city will need to stockpile smelling salts to revive taxpayers who faint when they hear the interest rates and other terms on the mortgage.

Then Paulson and the boys will have to get all the necessary permits for the construction. Oh, those many, many permits. They have The Don on the inside now to grease things, but still, that's going to take a while.

They'd better hope they don't pick a site with environmental issues -- and nowadays, what site doesn't have some? The latest scuttlebutt is that they're talking to two owners, but it's all top secret who and where they are. Nothing like weeks in a smoke-filled room to get the public on your side.

All in all, if the Beavers do move to Beaverton, I'd bet they won't be playing there until 2012. Where they'd play in 2011, after they're booted out of Portland to make way for "major league" soccer, nobody knows. Maybe this thing will drag out long enough that the soccer league will fold before baseball gets its permanent new home.

* - So far.
† - Plus parking.

Comments (16)

Could be the Malibu Grand Pre area or the old Greenwood Inn site are being looked at.

Those are too far out, they want it in the downtown core, near MAX. Last I heard, they were talking to owners of the apartment complexes near the Beaverton TC, and to the folks that own the Carr Subaru and Beaverton Ford dealerships.

I have an excellent site idea for Lord Paulson's stadium that he might want to have scoped out, but it doesn't enjoy any daylight.

Rational adults are actually considering spending $60 million for minor league baseball.

I really can't get my head around that. It blows my mind every time I read it.

Well, if Beaverton is dumb enough to do this, the only location where there is really any space to do it right is Allen/Western Avenues either near or at where PLatt or the old peanut plant used to be or the old Greenwood site.
The Malibu Gran Prix area is a tight squeeze and they just dumped a ton of money into that mall where Burlington is. The Ford dealer site would be mucho dinero for the budget they are looking at.

The Ford dealer site would be mucho dinero for the budget they are looking at.

I know the individual who owns the Damerow property and he is close friends with the Biggi family... Hell will freeze over first, before it is sold for a baseball stadium......

Why not cut the crap. Let his lordship & Paul Allen cut a deal with the Native American gambling crew. Build a MLB stadium in the Rose quarter, build the hotel and put a casion in it. Allen gets his entertainment district and the taxpayers do not put a dime in it. Are the politicians really this stupid. This crap about gambling being evil when this state has more gambling than any other is nonense. This scenario lets everyone win. The politicians, the schools, the taxpayers, Paul Allen, and even his little lordship. Go by streetcar or light rail. Hell they can even build a bicycle bridge to it

M: Our "Brilliant" Governor scuttled a similar proposal some years ago. And if you think any of these LEFTY POLITICIAN clowns has become financially smarter since then, you are mistaken.

The main enemy of an urban casino are the existing very-rich, very-lobbied-up native casinos.

It's a zero-sum game for them, so they'll fight it like a cornered wolverine.

Did you catch Anna Griffin's article on Paulson, titled "Paulson, Portland should be a good fit -- if he figures out how things work here"

It made him sound like a real DB.

" It made him sound like a real DB"

hmm.. dumb boy?
douche bag? yeah, there we go
dirty bastard? works too
deal braker
dim bulb
who's got another one

I believe CARMAX Auto Sales has been in the Design Review for the Malibu Grand Prix site for some time. Either way, the McTarnahan's family owns this property and aren't likely to sell.

Lets just get rid of the team.. This whole thing has been a nightmare and I think this seasons attendance proved that they are not supported very well. There is always that team in Salem right? Because we sure don't want to pay for a new stadium, and I am fine with saying adios! Its clear no one wants them in their backyard.....

Here's a view from San Diego of our dealings with the pro sports extortion racket from the perspective of a city that is dealing with the aftermath:


After reading that article from San Diego, and as a resident of Washington County, I must ask: Is it too late to find a stadium site in Clark County?

The debacle know as the Amphitheater at Clark County might be too fresh in the minds of Clark County residents to fall for it all over again. Then again, the debacle at PGE Park a decade ago didn't stop our city council from wanting to do it again.

Here's a little story about the Amphitheater at Clark County:


It's looking like Beaverton voters are going to get an opportunity to send Paulson and his traveling circus off to the next county.

Get ready Clackamas County. I don't think people in Lake Oswego or West Linn are going to want to chip in for a stadium that might be over by Oregon City or Clackamas though.

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