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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

World Toilet Summit wants to hear from Portlanders

I am not making this up.

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Toilet humor never gets old.

(remember, all those big macs, kfc, ect. have to go somewhere after you glean all those calories0

I'll go.

This is definitely a novel way to promote a political career. I recommend that Rush Limbaugh be sent on this mission. Amanda may not want to get involved. If you are looking at hardware, then the Japanese manufacturer TOTO wins the day with little or no competition. The definitely make the best crapper available.

Hey, CoP needs to boot-strap the sewer business to generate more income.

Actually, they should let their actions speak for them and send the public schools to PHLUSH - by streetcar, of course.

REAL wise old timers like the "sanitary engineer" quoted below SHOULD be the keynote speaker at the WTS. Now there's some sustainable expertise!

"The outhouse should be set over a hole that has been dug, usually about 3-5ft. down into the ground. You should construct the outhouse about 50ft. to 150ft. from buildings for sanitary and odor reasons. If the hole ever fills up you will need to dig another and drag the outhouse over top of it. This will be unlikely, however.

In the old days, people bought powdered lime or lye and sprinkled it down into the hole to help with the smell. You may want to add wood chips or sawdust each time you use it so that the material will compost.

I believe it is always better to place the waste where it will stay instead of moving and handling it. Less accidents and less problems. You may never need to use your outhouse, but if you ever need it, it will be handy. If you ever need this in the winter (when the ground is frozen) you will be glad you set it up ahead of time."

-Old Timer from Texas

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