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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Word to the wise

I was just browsing through some stories on nj.com, the Oregonian's parent company's website for New Jersey news, when my Firefox browser was overtaken by some malware. It appeared to be the same program that I encountered on The New York Times website a few weeks ago, only it seems even more vicious. At the moment, I can't run Firefox at all, on account of this piece of shinola. I don't know if OregonLive is similarly infected, but I'm not heading over there to find out for a while.

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It's something called GreenAV, a fake antivirus program scam. It weasels its way onto your computer via an ad on the site you're visiting -- in this case, an ad on nj.com. Bad news.

Gotta stay away from them porn sites...

Use this opportunity to think about getting an Apple, Jack.

I was browsing around on Oregonlive this a.m. and last night with Firefox. So far so good!

getting an Apple, Jack.

I'm as ardent an adopter of Apple computers (not to mention fermented fruit drinks) as they come. But these browser-related malware episodes are not peculiar to the PC platform. Macs get them too.

Jack, if you're using Firefox, add the following extensions:

NoScript (blocks Java Scripts, etc)


AdBlock Plus (Blocks ads)


Both allow you to allow/disallow scripts and ads on the fly and remember the settings.

The key thing to remember is to only enable ads or scripts that you need to use a site and nothing more. Quite a lot of the scripts are tracking related, a few are a bit nastier than that.

It's likely that FF is still running the script. Open your task manager and click on process. Find FF and manually shut it down (and all instances of FF). Then reopen and you should be fine.

I did that; it was the only way to get the fake scan progress notices and fake virus warnings to stop. I also searched around and deleted several instances of a GreenAV .exe file that had downloaded to my computer. Nasty little bugger.

Jack, if your virus software is set up properly (ie like Mcafee) can't see how you would get a *.exe anywhere near your computer.
Whenever my Mcafee smells a *.exe from anywhere external it rears up asking me if I want that file and I say no.

Also it's worth dnloading Malwarebytes ( it's free)updating it regularly and then running that on a weekly (or so)basis.

I gave up on Adaware 'cos that was almost as bad as the stuff it was trying to stop.

I go to a ton of porn sites and never get anything nasty ;)

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