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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're number 8!

Portland and Salem have made the Top 10 places in the country for "green" jobs. The two cities together are listed in the eighth spot on this list.

It sounds great until you notice that New York City-northern New Jersey is number 3. L.A. is no. 2, and the Bay Area is no. 1. Not as green as Newark, or Compton, or Oakland?

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Sometimes, I feel like America is 12 years old and relies on Teen Magazine for its next booster shot of self-esteem validation.

What's worse, there are whole swaths of society that take these kind of journalistic wankfests seriously. Some in government even use them as statistical validation of policy.

Some in government even use them as statistical validation of policy.

Like Portland? Adams has said in the past that one of his his biggest concerns is how Portland looks to the rest of the world.

Well, if we are #8, can we just put this "green" job crusade to rest.

Portland needs to throw down the gauntlet to show the world how seriously green we are. Then those green jobs will come flocking to us.

Looking the other way while Reedies vandalize our SUV's isn't enough to keep us on the map.

If we were serious about being a green city we'd be eating our dogs.

Green jobs?
I thought the City leaf pick up was cancelled this year.

Portland is #1 in getting Green jobbed.

If I were King I'd end every green stunt cities engage in. Especially their spending crazy for eco roofs just to impress the eco-enamored.

Mean King

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