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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're number 3!

Portland's ranked third-safest in the country by Forbes, based on rates of violent crime, workplace deaths, fatal crashes and natural disasters.

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Of course we don't have a lot of workplace deaths, first, green jobs aren't dangerous and second, no one has a job!

We're one earthquake away from dropping below Newark.

Of course our violent crime stats are low. Some of them are committed by the Portland Police Bureau and therefore aren't considered crimes by the powers that be.

Is there a way to calculate in the likelihood of being tased/beaten/killed/neglected by Portland's Finest?

Actually some of those violent crimes stats are interesting. Most violent metro area in the country, Detroit. No surprise but the second and third most violent metro areas are Las Vegas and Orlando. And New York City finishes as one of the top ten lowest violent crime cities in the country. Who'd a thunk.

Tourist cities always have a lot of lesser violent crimes, so they score high. NYC has 2 cops for every resident, so no big surprise there.

As a former resident of Dallas, TX I'm glad to see they aren't doing as bad as when I was there.

Down a few graphs, the article mentioned Seattle as having one of the best and most user friendly mass transit systems. Huh? Never knew.

With Yoakum and his buddies gone we could rise to #1.

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