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Monday, October 19, 2009

We're no. 6

Portland is the city with the sixth-largest hotel room price cuts in effect, according to this site.

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Hey, we're only number 6, all the more reason to build that CC Hotel.

This makes perfect sense to me; these were all overinflated markets -- mostly in their own minds.

Folks really got greedy in last six or seven years.

And BTW, I actually understand why the-powers-that-be in Portland want a convention center hotel. That makes sense to me as somebody who has gone to numerous conventions and looks for a hotel next to the convention center (to save transport fees AND, most important, time; most cities don't have fareless squares).

But Portland is overbuilt -- hotel-room-wise -- already. That's why this idea isn't catching any air.

The site doesn't know left from right. Or the deep discount search is missing.

ahh. But we're number 2 in this all important category:


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