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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welches con man still at it

I was thinking of taking down my sidebar about David Wilson, the "Welches" con man, this weekend, when along comes a reader sighting of him last night at West Third and Burnside. He didn't seem too pleased when the reader interrupted his phony sales pitch to tell him about his notoriety on the internet. The reader also suggested, "Let me run in and get my camera, I want your picture," which was an especially sweet way of getting rid of him.

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Why can't they just arrest this miscreant. Obviously he's got a good scam going and all the efforts you're making to warn people haven't stopped him from continuing the scam. My suggestion is for people to call the police rather than just emailing you.

I thought this was another post about Merritt Paulson.

Paulson's still at it too, for much higher stakes. At least David is doing it to feed his addictions -- What's the Barefoot Lord's excuse?

"What's the Barefoot Lord's excuse?"
More expensive addictions?

I thought this was another post about Merritt Paulson.

Of course! Paulson and Wilson should hook up and move the Beavers to Welches!

He's successful because people fall for his stories? I don't like these "miscreants" anymore than all of you probably, but what a waste of police power it would be to arrest him only to see him released to return to the same activities..

What is he really hurting anyway? I'd like to see more anger and resentment pointed at the crooks on Wall St who corrupted the stock market and then handed the American citizens and investors the bill.. and then claim to need their bonuses because they are keeping the economy from imploding further..

And what about the politicians who accept graft from these same people and firms on Wall St to error in their favor with legislation or lack of it?

Fellas like the one noted in this blog entry should change their attire to a suit and tie and give some of their earnings to politicians for their election costs, then we could be told how respectable their activities are...

How many of the people who sold naked shares, valueless derivatives and gave loans to people who had no ability to pay them back are in jail? There was no law that said people with no ability to pay their loans back once the new interest rates kicked in were reuqired by law to be approved, although the conservaitves / Republican pundits have implied they were but have not been able to produce any legal documents or legislation to prove it?

Hell, even Madoff's escapades were known of for years by the SEC (and to many on Wall St) and they looked the other way because they didn't want to harm their ability to find a high paying job in the private sector.

So, who's the real danger to society here? How many people in our society can say the man noted in this story "Dave from Welches" has harmed them in any comparable degree to what the suits on Wall St have?

Has Dave caused people to lose their jobs?

Has Dave caused peoples 401Ks and retirement funds to become 1/4, 1/3 to 1/2 their value?

Has Dave held the US Govt hostage to his claims of better give me your money or else?

Of course! Paulson and Wilson should hook up and move the Beavers to Welches!

What Robert Pace said. And, out of respect for the Welch family, if the Paulson/Wilson partnership is pursued, the town of Welches should probably be renamed. Welchers?

Hey Robert - It's all Bush's fault isn't it? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Hey Dave A,

Im not blaming BushII directly, but by default that office does operate under the motto of "the buck stops here" doesn't it?... in fairness though, Clinton and the DLC played a significant role with relaxed legislation signed in the mid to late 90s, specifically related to the condensing of media conglomerates and oversight of Wall St practices that some would call fraud... and the DLC influence continues in the Obama administration...

But, when you have a party such as the Republicans that believe government is the problem ( from a famous quote by Reagan) and proceed to break everything they can to support their claims (Grover Norquist and his bunch for example), I'd say the Republicans played a significant role in getting us to where we are today.. especially the past 8 years where the administration selected people not for their skills but for their party loyalty...if youre trying to label me as a liberal, youre mistaken..Im not a registered Democrat either...

Ive said several times, Im in the middle somewhere just like I believe most of the American citizenry is... The greater problem we have is the influence of trans-national corporations in creating legislation, hence lobbyists that are out of control and nobody in power willing to do much about it but pay lip service, except maybe for Alan Grayson currently..

Why not just give strangers money as general principle, and then not worry about him at all?

Here's a time-saving method for dealing with panhandlers and street solicitors that has worked well for me for years now: Anytime someone comes up to me on the street and asks me for money, for any reason whatsoever, I immediately give them exactly one dollar (I try always to carry singles for this purpose). This way I don't have to listen to a long spiel and get sucked into wasting time trying to evaluate its merits -- it's an automatic response, and one that virtually always results in a "thank you sir" and their quickly moving on to another target. The key is, they have to ~ask~ me personally -- I simply ignore people who sit passively on the sidewalk with a cup, chanting "spare change, spare change" (unless they're obviously vision-impaired). It's cheap, works beautifully and I always feel pretty good about it afterward (justifiably or not).

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