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Monday, October 5, 2009

Total recall

Today is the day when Portlanders will find out a lot more about whether there's going to be a recall election against Mayor Creepy. If the all-volunteer signature gathering force doesn't think it has the required number of valid signatures, it says it won't turn them in by today's 5 p.m. deadline. If it does turn in signatures, the process of having the city auditor check them over begins. If it doesn't, the recall effort is dead.

But now another group says it's going to crank up a second recall campaign if the first effort fails. And if they do, this bunch says they'll raise a pile of dough and use paid signature collectors.

The problem, of course, is that the furor over the mayor's theft of last November's election has cooled somewhat. Many people who can see in the mayor a narcissistic liar with no talent for leadership have shifted from fiery outrage to funky depression over having him in office. Then again, if most of the people who signed the first recall petition are willing to sign again, it might not take an army of paid canvassers to come up with the additional thousands of signatures needed to push the effort over the top.

Having a recall effort pending against the mayor has actually been beneficial, both to the city and to him. Over the last three months, he hasn't been busted tupping teenage boys, leaving them envelopes of cash at the City Hall front desk, driving around with his fly open smelling like beer, or smashing his truck into the rear ends of stopped vehicles. (O.k., he missed a bunch of mortgage payments, but nobody's perfect.) Another three or four months of recall mania might be a nice way of getting us all into the new year in one piece.

Meanwhile, we never did hear who it was who paid for the shady telephone "poll" that was being conducted on Adams's behalf in early July. Guess it didn't haven't to be disclosed under the election laws -- either that, or those laws were broken.

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My husband and I signed this weekend at the Rose City post office. The fella who was taking the signatures was curious as to why it took you so long to sign the petition...I told him to ask you himself. They were also out this morning across from the post office on Sandy Blvd.

Jack -

The rumor is that Wurster is going to turn over all of the signatures to the new recall group instead of turning them in to City Hall. I know this is pure speculation and unconfirmed, but I'm curious: can they do that? If so, it's brilliant, but would all those signatures collected during his effort apply to the new one, or would they be invalid?

They can't just turn the petitions over to the next campaign if there even is one. If they don't have enough today, then a new recall needs to start from ground zero.

"turn the petitions over to the next campaign if there even is one."

I think he is generating a list for them to be re-contacted and sign a new petition.

I never wondered if Wurster was a stalking horse for another candidate or wanted it for himself; but seeing how the thing was done, you have to wonder whether Adams could have scripted it better himself.

The Wursterled recall effort seems to be a stalking horse for retread Charlie Hales to run for Mayor against an empty seat if Adams resigns or is recalled.

Maybe recalls campaigns will become a regular feature, at least -- sort of like invisible fencing for creatures like Adams and his ilk. Anyway, I doubt he has the self-control to withstand a second one, especially if it's done right. Tick tick tick....

Per Gardnier's post above noting the Jacquiss blogbit: I don't think this is kosher and may be illegal -- or perhaps it should be if Wurster doesn't present the signature forms to the election office. People didn't sign those petitions for any purpose other than to be publicly submitted. Those forms shouldn't become someone's private property, to be bought & sold, bartered, bantered, used for any other purpose, etc. This smells:


Tactically, it may be time to start focusing on 2012. A better-funded campaign with paid signature gatherers just reeks of Bill Sizemore. An immediate second recall attempt will strike many as double jeopardy and harassment.

Carry that baggage into a recall election and Sam gets 70 percent of the vote, greatly strengthening his chances for re-election in 2012.

Wurster... Recall... Ever!

They didn't get enough and they probably fell far short of the needed number. It's time to move on and get on with business. If you don't like Sam, vote for someone else next election. Maybe Sho will be up on his rent payments by then.

They didn't get enough and they probably fell far short of the needed number.

Actually, they were very close. Ask them.

It's time to move on and get on with business.

Nice try blaming the recall effort for being some sort of "distraction" from "business". Explain to us how the recall is interfering with Adams doing a good job? I'll get some popcorn.

If you don't like Sam, vote for someone else next election. Maybe Sho will be up on his rent payments by then.

If you don't like Roman Polanski, convict the next guy that breaks the law. Makes perfect sense.

This town is rotten to the core. When the institutional auditors (judges, D.A.'s, press corps, and activists) are bought and paid for, the inevitable unwind is only a matter of time.

If Kroger or the FBI ever grow a pair, it will provide the fodder for Nigel Jaquiss to earn his second Pulitzer.

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