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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This means war

It's becoming ever clearer that the City of Beaverton is hoping to condemn private property to build the new Paulson minor league baseball stadium. And now the owners of the target property are starting to push back hard.

UPDATE, 9:40 p.m.: The mayor insists tonight that there will be no condemnation. But since the owners won't sell and there's no backup site, Beaverton is back to Square One. Meanwhile, his lordship Henry III is now talking with Clackamas County. Who's next -- the 'Couv?

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This may Doyle's Nike.

Doyle, Beaverton and their staff are clowns who will soon commit the taxpayers to many paying millions for a boondoggle. Then they'll turn arounhd and claim they haven't enough money for basic services.

Beaverton is the last place for sports stadium. I think this is a bit too much for the city that is just a bunch of strip malls and car dealerships.

The owners are fighting back hard, but their spelling is atrocious.

"The stadium will rely on your tax dollars to opertate!"

Hopefully the owners will be successful, but they should really use spell check (said as I spell check my posting so as not to look like a complete idiot).

I will forgive the typos. When one is so angry, frustrated and threatened it is easy to slip on the keyboard.
The idiocy of the Paulson plan is only exceeded by their outrageous behavior and bullying tactics.

Agreed on the typos. Hopefully the owners hold out and stop the madness.

... the city that is just a bunch of strip malls and car dealerships

I was on SW Canyon Road this evening, and was amazed to see that about half the car dealerships along this strip seemed empty and presumably out of business.

This is a unique opportunity to do things better, and Beaverton residents would be better served if their city would pursue redevelopment of some of this land that is likely to never go back to this use.

Rescue, my Lord of Paulson, rescue, rescue!
The king enacts more wonders than a man,
Daring an opposite to every danger:
His stadium is slain, and all on foot he fights,
Seeking for riches in the throat of death.
Rescue, fair lord, or else the day is lost!

A stadium! A stadium! Public money for a stadium!

Withdraw, my lord; I'll help you to a stadium.

Wow. Beaverton still thinks it's exempt from public record laws after the Nike debacle. I guess the officials there are even bigger morons than anyone suspected. Who provides their legal counsel anyway?

Vancouver would be an interesting choice.

First the confusion of Vancouver, B.C. and then the proximity to Portland and the airport.

The team could end up being referred to as an Oregon or Portland franchise, like the NY Jets and Giants in Joisey.

Remind me again why Mr. Paulson can't buy his own damn land, and build his own damn stadium?

I'm not a fan of shelling out cash for this baseball stadium..but please don't cry for the Biggis. That land and the structure on it are a mess and a blight. If it was condemned it would be a service to the City of Beaverton.

"That land and the structure on it are a mess and a blight. If it was condemned it would be a service to the City of Beaverton."


What's mine is mine.

What's yours is mine.

Nobody should be able to own messes or blights.

Carla is lucky nobody thinks she is a mess nor a blight, lest she be condemned for the public good.

Carla, be careful what you say. Maybe your house isn't looking so swell.

If my house isn't "looking so swell" then the neighborhood association will get me to clean it up. It's part of the agreement to live there, as it is with many places.

If one owns property and buildings, allows them to go into a state of complete disrepair, then one may in fact be asked (and in some cases forced) to take care of it. It's part of the responsibility of owning/managing property.

John R

FYI, those car dealerships along Canyon Rd are not in Beaverton. They're in unincorporated Washington County aka West Slope.

Beaverton only comes east across 217 to about 110th (the BMW dealership), except for the weird annexation further east

The city should keep backpedaling away from Paulson. Doesn't he already have a stadium he's paying rent on?

Who's next? I keep wondering why Paulson and his crew haven't made a run at the stadium at US 26 and Cornelius Pass.

It is rinky-dink compared to what he left behind at PGE. But its as close to a turn-key facility as he's likely to find in the Tri-County area.

Now, he'd have to make a deal with Hillsboro Parks and Rec (the current owners) to buy it.... Wait, I think I just answered my own question.

The newer Hillsboro Parks and Rec Stadium right off Freeway 26 is designed to expand easily from the existing 5000 seat stadium.

Light Rail which is near by could have a short bus shuttle to the stadium.

The seating capacity could be easily added with a 100 ft., ten row movable seating that could be hinged at one corner. This would allow the seating to be swung back from the "intimate configuration" with a motorized device just like large circular irrigation systems allowing for football use and other sports. This would add 4000 seats, exactly the 9000 Paulson wants.

Paulson's sports medicine, office needs could be met since there is available land within the Stadium complex.

Longbottom Coffee and Tea with an excellent restaurant nearby would enjoy the business.

Paulson could pay for all improvements out of his own pocket. And Paulson could pay Tualatin Parks and Recreation rent to help their hurting budget. And the naming rights could bring in $.5 Million in one year since the signs would be facing Cornelius Pass and Hwy 30.

To Simple. To Simple?

Karla, I didn't know that Biggi's property was in "state of complete disrepair". If you think so, maybe you should report them to the Nuisance Department of Beaverton's Bureau of Buildings. Also ask the tenants if they agree with you and if they will join your efforts.

Karla writes:

"I'm not a fan of shelling out cash for this baseball stadium..but please don't cry for the Biggis. That land and the structure on it are a mess and a blight. If it was condemned it would be a service to the City of Beaverton."

Karla do you actually know what property is at issue here? I find it hard to believe that you would describe the office building, which is 85% leased (www.bgproperties.com) as a "mess and a blight." There are about 250 people who make their livings in that building. It is in very good shape, recently refurbished.

The only blight is next door to the Biggi property, the Westgate lot, which the city owns. It is gravel and rubble.

I can only imagine that you are mistaken as to what property the City had threatened to condemn. If not, you are a very strange person indeed.

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