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Monday, October 26, 2009

The two Oregons

The mutual fondness that the Association of Oregon Industries and the state's moribund Republican Party have for each other has never been more apparent. Check out AOI's scorecard of the best and worst members of the Legislature: It breaks down quite clearly along party lines. Their worst nemeses? Diane Rosenbaum in the Senate and Ben Cannon in the House, both from Portland. Their faves? Larry George (Sherwood) and Chris Telfer (Bend) in the Senate, and Sal Esquivel and George Gilman (both from Medford) in the House.

Those lists are definitely clip-and-save material. They draw a pretty good picture of the political spectrum in Salem these days.

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Went to a dinner last week held by the Oregon Business Association. Jack, you would have been very,very comfortable at that event.

When (un)readers can't/don't/won't do dotPDF references, there is video Cliff's Notes explaining it all, here:


... figure it out with a single click -- instant 'lightbulb'.

I suspect if you looked at the scorecard for the Oregon Education Association, SEIU, or AFSCME, you'd see the same pattern as AOI's scorecard, with the parties switched. It's very polarized and not changing.

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