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Friday, October 23, 2009

Talkin' the dogs

Maybe it's because we've started our own charity underdog pool, or maybe it's because this week's post about the pool had so much preliminary stuff in it that it downplayed the ballgames themselves, but we haven't had as much chatter from readers about which pro football underdogs look good. So let's give it another try, just for discussion's sake. Readers, which of the following underdogs (in caps) do you think can win its game outright (without the benefit of the point spread) this weekend?

15 TAMPA BAY vs. New England
13.5 ST. LOUIS vs. Indianapolis
7.5 BUFFALO at Carolina
7 CLEVELAND vs. Green Bay
7 MIAMI vs. New Orleans
7 WASHINGTON vs. Philadelphia
7 ARIZONA at NY Giants
6.5 OAKLAND vs. NY Jets
5.5 KANSAS CITY vs. San Diego
4 MINNESOTA at Pittsburgh
3.5 ATLANTA at Dallas
3 SAN FRANCISCO at Houston
1.5 CHICAGO at Cincinnati

Comments (16)

I think Buffalo is the most likely upset, going away.

In descending order of pts. to gain, a short list of top u-dog bets: Miami, Minn., Atlanta, SF. I like Atlanta as the best pick, though Miami is alluring. Arizona is tempting, too, but west coast teams coming east suffer, and the Giants defense will be playing as angry as a bunch of big wet cats after last week.

Guaranteed wins: 49ers, Vikings, Bears.

Not huge point games but both Minn and Atlanta wlll win!


Let your tolerance for risk be your guide.

Minnesota. Pittsburgh has way too many key injuries and Favre is Favre.

I'd love to see the Falcons swoop into the Billion Dollar Ego Monument and win, but the Cowboys are rested after a bye. I like Atlanta, but it's not a lock.

Favre is due for some INTs and Big Ben can gun the ball. Minnesota needs a better defense (i.e. don't allow 3 TDs in the fourth quarter) to win. I like the Vikes, but this could be the first game they put in the L column.

I won't bet against the Giants, but Kurt Warner has the potential to outplay the lesser Manning. The Giants defense playing at home won't let that happen though.

Miami over New Orleans? NFW. The Saints can defend against the wildcat and Brees continues to play out of his mind.

In order:


No way Green Bay beats Cleveland. The team's recent recovery from an outbreak of swine flu will only refocus it on what really matters -- playing well under Derek Anderson and dumping Brady Quinn.

Vikings (Farve)
Bears (Forte)
Atlanta (needs the win)

After thumping my 49ers, I predict the Falcons will swing the other way, and lose convincingly.

As much as I'd like the Vikings to lose, they've got more than a good shot at the upset this weekend.

Upset I'd most like to see: Raiders over Jets. The Sanchize has taken a beating the past three games. I have no faith in the Raiders, but boy would that be fun to see.


Possibly 49ers

How about the Chiefs at home over the Chargers for 5.5 points? The Chiefs are untalented but play hard; the Chargers are talented but can't get it together. Throw in the fact that Arrowhead is a tough place to play, and I think you've got a good "risk-reward"-style proposition on your hands.

Guaranteed wins: 49ers, Vikings, Bears.

Holy cow, I wasn't just wrong, I was entirely and convincingly wrong. Still I think the 49ers and Vikings should've won.

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