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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Red flag goes up at OHSU

The new chief financial officer at OHSU has quit after just two weeks on the job. Apparently it has something to do with family issues, but given all the turnover in management on Pill Hill lately, the situation bears scrutiny. As Muddy Waters used to say, "that's the stuff you gotta watch." The most recent interim CFO can't come back under PERS rules; he's been gone for a couple of months already.

The announcement came on a Friday, no doubt timed so that it could be lost in the weekend, and of course the O's editors were sure to oblige on that score. We'll come back to it on Monday. Go by aerial tram [rim shot]!

Comments (3)

where there's smoke, there's fire.

Not a shock for a place that cannot bill insurance properly and puts its customers in a spin loop. I could guess there are broken and/or missing financial processes and procedures, large and small, all over the hill.

Corruption Reminder.

OHSU owes the city a $3.5 million refund for payment they received towards 100 parking spaces they were to provide in a new building they were to build in SoWa.

The funds paid, lump sum, in 2005 during the "negotiations" for the soaring Tram costs came from SoWa urban renewal.

That's how you get a partner to agree to pay a higher share. Give him a few million behind the curtain.

The money had to be essentially laundered from PDOT through SoWa urban renewal to take some stench off of it.
A SoWa UR (borrowed money) line item (Moody Street improvements) was robbed of it's $3.5 million to pay OHSU and soon after PDOT general fund stuck the money back in.
Cooincidentaly at the same,time, during those "negotiation" payoffs, Homer Williams was paid $6.3 million for 100 parking spaces already under construction.
In that lump sum payment the money also came from borrowed TIF urban renewal funds and was delivered under the glossy shine of a loan to a non profit set up by Homer to then pay Homer.

Yes you read that right.

But as soon as the biotech jobs start showing up all will be forgotten.

That's jobs here, not in Florida.

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