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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Portland cops do it again

Even in the Dark Ages, there was the idea of sanctuary. Inside a church, you were safe against attackers -- including the authorities.

Apparently this concept is lost on the Portland police bureau. Not only do they needlessly cause a commotion at the local church soup kitchen, but they also gratuitously bring along the crew from the Fox-TV show "Cops" to violate the dignity of the people who came to the church expecting a quiet meal.

Hey, Nick Fish! The homeless are your people, right? Are you going to stand up to the city's rogue police force on their behalf between now and election time? Don't expect Police Commissioner Dan the Cipher to say anything. It's up to you, Nick. Think about it before you vote seven figures to the Chasse family.

And it's way past time for the city to tell Fox that it's done filming here until the city's wayward police department gets its act together. Which means that Fox should call back to see how things are going in about 2049.

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Thanks for hounding these dirtbags, Jack. Time to clean house long overdue, Creepy or no Creepy. Police union needs to police themselves first and cough up morally corrupt copper-thugs. Until they do, they all are held accountable for enabling. Shameful.

There are just too many poorly educated, poorly trained, inexperienced guys on the Portland police force. They have poor judgment. Sometimes people die on account of it. Add a few mean older guys to the mix, and it's not pretty. It doesn't need to be on national TV.

And than there are the stories of "Apologist" Herr Kruger, making things Hunky Dory and more betta.

This will be fun to watch. Both Saltzman and Fish are up for re-election. I think both will get wet in the pi55ing match.

Hey! What's your problem? Don't you know that those Cops show appearances are the most air time Portland ever gets on national TV and therefore a critical part of our multi-million dollar efforts to establish and maintain the creative, sustainable "Portland" brand?

Gosh, Jack, from the way you go on, one would think you resent having your tax dollars go to providing free content for reality TV producers and the Fox network? Don't you know that is part of our "creative class" strategy? Didn't you read page 235 of the consultant's report on that?

Besides, all those nice people who lunch with the City Club think everything is hunky dory. Don't you want to be nice like those people? You can't be nice like those people if you worry about where your tax dollars go. I mean, it isn't like we have bridges falling down and a 50% high school dropout rate or something.

Gosh, Jack. Get a nice non-fat soy latte to wash down some nice Xanax and Zoloft and chill a little.

"Police union needs to police themselves first and cough up morally corrupt copper-thugs. Until they do, they all are held accountable for enabling. Shameful."

Not gonna happen. Protecting their own is always their first order of business.

The church soup kitchen is not sanctuary, only the sanctuary itself, Jack. But that's neither here nor there, as I agree with the sentiments, for the most part.

And not all cops in Portland are like that. I personally know some that I would have them have my back any day.

How long before our fair city become the west coast version of Baltimore? (Nothing against Baltimore...statistics are statistics.) Cops out of control; an increasing homeless population; incredible unemployment; and a dropout rate of over 50% in the Portland Public Schools. Next thing you know they'll be setting shows like "Homicide: Life on the Street" and "The Wire" here in PDX.

You guys crack me up. I guess the police should just not look for criminals in Portland. According to the article the police were looking for a homicide suspect. I guess they should just let him go if he is eating a meal at church.

You obviously don't like the police by all of the articles that you post. I am sure all 1000+ officers are worthless.....

You all need a reality check, why don't you look up the number of people killed or shot by the police in similar size cities. Perhaps the use of force numbers for other cities. You don't know how good you have it. The police show great restraint here the majority of the time, more so than other cities. Hundreds of thousands of police contacts every year with no one hurt or injured. There is no utopia, people are not perfect, including the police.

DN, I think the point is that they should leave the opportunitic, bottom-feeding camera crew outside, and not bring them into a soup kitchen to put 140 innocent people on primetime television. Innocent people who may not want their neighbors to see them eating at a soup kitchen.

In other words, our police should use some f**king judgement sometimes.

"The police show great restraint here the majority of the time, more so than other cities."

That's fantastic. But when they don't show restraint there should be some sort of consequence for that. Like being fired or given a desk job for killing an unarmed person for instance.

How long before our fair city become the west coast version of Baltimore?

Ummmm, a really, really, really long time? Because Portland's per capita crime statistics are nothing like Baltimore's.

2008 FBI violent crime statistics

Baltimore (pop. 634,549): 10,080 violent crimes [1,589 per 100,000], 234 murders [36], 137 forcible rapes [21], 4,026 robberies [634], 5,683 aggravated assaults [895]

Portland (pop. 553,023): 3,445 violent crimes [622], 26 murders [5], 250 forcible rapes [45], 1,132 robberies [204]], 2,037 aggravated assaults [368]

That rape statistic isn't good, but Portland's murder rate last year was less than 1/7 of Baltimore's. Baltimore had more than three times the number of (reported) robberies, and two and a half times as many aggravated assaults (the same ratio as the overall violent crime stats).

uh-oh! sounds to me like the deeply entrenched
showing us their ugly faces and don't give a damn
attitudes, and WE THE PEEPS need to jack-up Adams,
Saltzman, Fish and Rosie Sizer's butt's till we get
these thugs yet again under better control...they're
totally out-of-control and will wantonly kill yet another
innocent citzen soon like they did James Chasse three
years unless we keep our so-called "authorities" butt's
afire with our outright contempt, indignation and avid
refusal to accept their shoddy way of doing business
and inept management.

Baltimore stats aren't a fair comparison, for a lot of reasons. For example, the pop density there is almost *double* that of Portland. density is one of the chief contributors to crime frequency.

Hear that, Portland? the denser you get, the more crime per capita you get. every large city in the US bears that out.

Other interesting facts: far more Portlanders are married (~45%) than Baltimorans (~35%). ~32& of Portlanders have a four-year college degree, but only about 19% of Baltimorans.

In other words, crime statistics are about a lot more than population and crime counts.

and the amount of crime in PDX? on the rise. it's a poorly ketp secret.

Yes, it's a bad decision to film in a homeless shelter, and maybe that won't make it on the show, but, as someone who has watched almost every COPS episode ever made, I can tell you that the Portland and Multnomah County episodes are some of the best. It would be a tragic loss for American culture if they stop filming COPS here. We've got by far the best screwed up thugs, street kids, sex workers and heroin busts. It's like our whole city is one big c. 1980 Times Square, which makes for great TV entertainment. The police here are excellent at identifying exactly what the never-do-wells are doing wrong. I can't tell you how many times I've seen sheriff John Bunnell whip out his shotgun on some tweaker junkies hiding in grandma's back yard in felony flats, tamping down the proverbial head on Portland's pint glass, and keeping us law-abiding citizens dry and free of froth. If a villain mouths-off, Portland police may dish out some curbside punishment, but as COPS shows, it is usually a measured beat-down, delivered in direct proportion to the offense, and it's easy to avoid for anyone with any common sense. My 2c.

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