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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nothing but Bull from the city

The City of Portland says it's turned off its groundwater well pumps (out by Costco in far northeast) for another year. For the rest of the winter, the plan is to go with pure Bull Run water, unless things get too dry, or so stormy that the water up there gets too stirred up and cloudy.

I don't remember the city's army of p.r. types ever telling us that the wells were being turned on for the season, but now they say that was on September 28. Some folks around town say they can taste the difference in what comes out of their taps when the groundwater gets mixed in. Personally, I don't notice any difference. I wish we were getting less chlorine, but it beats the alternative, I guess.

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I wonder where the armed guards will find work, or will they just keep standing guard over the pumps when turned off to make sure they remain safe for us to use at some future date

The COP built those well fields without a thorough examination of the ground water contamination coming from above those fields. They later found some pretty toxic stuff which resulted in only being able to pump for limited periods before the aquifer gets contaminated. The other brilliant consequence of this was to mandate the East Multnomah County sewer project which subjected thousands of home owners and businesses to pay an average of $16,000 to hook up. There was no need for this project as all of east county was on city water so well contamination was not an issue. Now all those folks are stuck paying those feloniously high sewer bills. Even the most incompetent governor ever, Roberts was behind this deal and believed it was great because it created jobs.

Bull? Run!

We can always tell when the well water is turned on. Since we wash dishes by hand it is easy to tell because the soap does not get very sudsy (is that a word?) and it does definitely taste different. It is kind of a flat taste.

Hi all,

Actually we did send out notifications about groundwater being turned on (news releases and posts on the Water Bureau website and blog, Facebook page, etc.) We do our best to notify the public of these things, but that doesn't guarantee that people notice or particularly care.

However - since we've got your attention about groundwater... there is a workshop coming up on this very subject:

Groundwater 101 Workshop

When: Saturday, Nov 14, 8:45am to 1:30pm
Where: The Lake House at Blue Lake Park, 20500 NE Marine Dr, Fairview OR

Interested in learning where Portland's drinking water comes from? Join experts from the Portland Water Bureau for a free workshop all about the Columbia South Shore Well Field, Portland's secondary groundwater supply.

Visit a well, test water quality, and learn about local hydrogeology that influences the Groundwater Protection Program. Co-sponsored by the Portland Water Bureau and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council: sign up at www.columbiaslough.org or by calling 503-281-1132.

praise geezus!!!! I can always taste the difference and I hate it. o happy day!!

Sadie, you drink sudsy water?

I did know when they turned it on, but then, I am keeping some track of the Bull Run activist activities. I didn't notice any taste change.

I also thought that the city recharges the wells during high water from "the Run".

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So, me, T., I got to thinking about 'the implementation of a strategy that has significant potential to solve humanity's most pressing problems', y'know, like Bucky's geodesic dome (for which he got second place in a 1940s Army contest to design portable troop housing, the winner was the quonset hut), and get me $100,000 and y'know what? I came up with something!, a big idea!.

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Yeah, I be going for that $100,000

Then I stumbled onto this:

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For, y'know, like if you need occasional water purification or (pump)power generation, you simply roll out the trailer to the site ... or 100 trailers ... several scaled-up sizes available ... Sarah? ... Sarah? ... Sarah Bott in the house? ...

LOL, Tenskwatawa - wow, where'd you find that?!

For those of us in parts of SW, it's easy to tell when they change water supplies. Our water is a distinct yellowish color and it a bit turgid.

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