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Monday, October 19, 2009

Night team update

Followups on a couple of stories from earlier today:

First, the legislative committee writing the tax increase ballot measure titles and explanations played it fairly straight. Here's 66, and here's 67. No mention of puppies.

Second, the "Made in Oregon" sign shutdown has an easy solution. The City of Portland will simply buy the sign! And change it to say whatever Fireman Randy thinks is cool. It will go nicely with his neon rose sign, defiling an architectural landmark. The deer probably needs to be earthquake-proofed, too. We'll find the money somehow. Who needs police precincts and housing inspectors in times like these, anyway?

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"...played it fairly straight?"

Yeah, compared to your parody, it's straight. But calling a tax increase a 'tax change' isn't too straight.

Not mentioning that the evil 'rich' people are mainly small businesses - the backbone of our economy - are the ones who will pay - not too straight. I know that language like that can't be in a referral of a tax measure, but still, I couldn't read any farther.

The arrogance of these people in our current one-party state is astounding and just a bit scary! Do they really think they'll raise more than $400 million while the state is still at more than 12% unemployment? Puh-leeze!

Does anybody think people with incomes like the ones having their tax rates raised will stand for a more than 10% increase in their already-high taxes and won't move out of state?

Jo, let them go then. Maybe they didn't go when the going was good because they know that Oregon is a pretty good deal overall. If they think otherwise, the borders are all around them and it's a free country, so they are free to go live in whatever low tax paradises they can find.

George, we need "rich" people to move here - not leave - to spend their money and boost our economy. This state is economically stagnant, as it is. Encouraging wealthier people to leave or not move here isn't going to help the situation.

"change it to say whatever Fireman Randy thinks is cool."

That would be a large portrait of Randy rendered in neon.

This guy really has nothing better to do?

Our Commissioner has earned a new moniker: "Neon Randy." (Sounds like a wrestler ...)

I'm surprised the neon sign isn't being converted (on a no-bid contract) to something suitable for MLS. Are you sure that isn't one of their 'requirements'?

No Jo and Stuart - didn't you get the memo? Evidently George did? It's worth paying a premium to live in Oregon, the land of the unemployed.

Oh, wait, wasn't there just an article in the Tribune about how that 'plan' hasn't worked out? Who cares, the liberal cry is never let facts get in the way of great ideology. Heck, it works in Portland with the SoWhat district ... oh wait, that hasn't worked out too well either. Who cares, onward and upward with fantasies. Tax the rich, soon we'll have to change the definition of rich to be anyone making over $30K a year, but we'll get to that in time. Meanwhile, like George says, go for it. It's a great, but expensive place to live.

As Barney Frank asked, on what planet do you spend the majority of your time? Because on this one, Oregon is still a pretty cheap place to live if you're pulling down any of the coin that puts you into the brackets affected by the recent tax hikes.

Every time some boob says "Oh, but the rich will leave, we can't have that," Little Lord Paulson just smiles, happy that he doesn't have to look for sheep to shear, they'll line up for him.

"...the sign is nationally and internationally known, helps people from across the globe identify Portland and brings economic value to the city in terms of tourist dollars."

Really? People come here to see the sign? REALLY?

No, Larry K., people come to ride the Aerial Tram--it's Portland's iconic postcard!

As Barney Frank asked, on what planet do you spend the majority of your time? Because on this one, Oregon is still a pretty cheap place to live if you're pulling down any of the coin that puts you into the brackets affected by the recent tax hikes.

Gee whiz, GAS - I'm not sure quoting Barney Frank will convince anyone of anything, but, chacun a son gout and all that.

Because, on this one, while Oregon still might be a pretty cheap place to live for the rich (I wouldn't know), it just got more expensive for me. My Sub S corporation's tax just went from $10 to $150. Never mind that all profit passes through to my personal return.

But I suppose it's only progressive and fair (BFH) because, after all, it's a corporation - and they're all EVIL - right?

Life must be so simple for the true believers...

cc, I understand your problem completely -- Oregon indeed is becoming more expensive for the less well off.

As for whether $150 is too much to pay for the privilege of limited liability, I guess I'll just ask you why you don't go solo then -- same tax result, less paperwork.

A sharp increase in the annual fee no doubt stings a bit, but we've long since been at the point where there are no easy cuts or tax hikes. The same small businesses that will feel the pain from the annual license fee increase would also tend to be overrepresented among the firms who need more state spending and services, not less.

Change the reindeer nose to a soccer ball and send Paulson the monthly bills. The wording can be changed to Soccer City USA!

I suspect half of small biz owners cheat on their taxes by taking personal expenses as biz expenses, under reporting income and bartering off the books. Some do it more, some less, but enough do it enough to make most of us tired of hearing them complain.

What a cluster you know what. Having the U of O get their way is a lot better than having the sign go dark.

It looks like the COP is already trying to improve its negotiating position to buy the sign. Right now the trees in Waterfront Park partially obscure the sign from the primo viewing spot where I-84 merges with I-5 South. In a few more years the sign will be completely blotto.

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