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Monday, October 19, 2009

More babble about "job creation"

It's been a while since I studied math, but I'm having some real trouble with this one:

So far, the stimulus cash has "created 116 full-time and part-time jobs at OHSU, with more hires expected in the future," said OHSU President Joe Robertson. "We are pleased that these federal funds will assist us in growing Oregon's work force and supporting other local businesses during these tough economic times."

The university has only spent about $1.3 million of the funds, creating the equivalent of about 41 full-time jobs. As the rest of the money is allocated, more jobs will be created, but the scope of additional job creation hasn't been determined, said OHSU spokesman Jim Newman.

It's also interesting that OHSU has received $51.5 million and spent only $1.3 million. Hey, Joe! How about repaying the Portland taxpayers for some of those broken promises in the SoWhat District?

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What's the over/under on "days until OHSU announces most of that money will be spent at their research facility in Florida"?

If you took $50,200,000 and parked it at your local community bank ... you'd be living large off the interest with little need to touch the principal.

And why should they pay back any of those broken promises? Are you trying to set some disgusting precedent or something?

They created 41 full-time jobs with $1.3 million? That would be $31,707 per employee.

Either they don't get benefits, or if they do get benefits, that that's about $20,700 per person. Before taxes.

Or is it "116 full-time and part-time jobs" as he first says. That would be $11,200 per job (before benefits and taxes.)

Snards... You apparently are assuming that all the stimulus funds are simply divided among the new employees. I would hope that the new positions actually create or contribute to new income. I will actually invoke the word sustainable here... If OHSU is simply passing the money through then they would indeed be much better off just putting it in the bank...

Jack wrote:
"Hey, Joe! How about repaying the Portland taxpayers for some of those broken promises in the SoWhat District?"

Equally as just would be paying the city coffers some of the $ paid by Portland taxpayers toward the SamTram.

On second thought, more money for the city budget would only encourage Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber (Sam & Randy) to SPEND more toward the Hoffman Construction Enhancement Fund.

___Ora et labora___


"How about repaying the Portland taxpayers for some of those broken promises in the SoWhat District?"

Givebacks? Government?


Dean, I see your point, but I'd still love to see the accounting on that one.

The whole "putting Oregon Back to Work" babble is laughable.

Who the heck is getting all this federal money?

Nobody that is actually unemployed apparently.

Just adding to the fat layer of the already established bureaucracies is what it looks like to me.

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