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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mopping up

The Beaverton City Council has scheduled a meeting for Monday afternoon to finalize the termination of its development negotiations with the Paulson family over a proposed $60 million minor league baseball stadium. Under its preliminary contract with the Paulsons, the city will return Don Mazziotti to the Paulsons' payroll, and they will return to the city its $200,000 deposit.

Steve Janik, attorney for the city in the negotiations, has been traded to Clackamas County for two red light cameras and an assistant district attorney to be named later.

In other action, the council is scheduled to launch a new building code enforcement initiative, with "zero tolerance" for violations of municipal ordinances. City inspectors will visit properties in alphabetical order by owners' names, starting with names beginning in "Big-."

Comments (6)

What do you want to bet Mazziotti doesn't last until the new year in the 'Tron?

Unless, of course, "downtown revitalization" means "more bankrupt condo towers."

No one will finance them. Doyle is delusional.

Delusional seems to be a requirement if you are mayor of Beaverton. Drake was delusional too.

Simply outrageous! I hope Janik fights his trade all the way through the courts. It doesn't pencil out, he's worth more than that.

He won't pass the physical -- ruptured conscience.

"What do you want to bet Mazziotti doesn't last until the new year in the 'Tron?"

I give him until next summer. He can snow a city council for that long.

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