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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(Legal) tender is the night

You don't have to be a tax nerd to find this one interesting: "Living on $500,000 a Year -- What F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tax Returns Reveal About His Life and Times." [Via TaxProf Blog.]

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Numbers can be fun! I recently spent an afternoon in the library of the OHS reading the 1881-1911 accounts of a Portland restaurant where my black sheep great-grandfather used to tend bar - you can see the economy go up & down, and watch the technological advances. Installation of telephones in 1884, followed shortly by the monthly bills for electric light. In the first decade of the last century, they were shipping 50 lbs of fish (probably mostly crayfish, the house specialty) each week to Rector's in NYC, a famous theatrical hangout. Thanks for the pointer to Fitzgerald's returns, and thanks to Matt Bruccoli for saving them from the landfill.

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