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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keep on 'doggin'

It's time for another week of fun in our pro football charity underdog pool. The favorites pretty much did their thing last weekend, shutting out all but two of our 21 players. Let's see how things go this week:

17 OAKLAND at San Diego
14 CLEVELAND at Chicago
13 SAN FRANCISCO at Indianapolis
10 SEATTLE at Dallas
10 CAROLINA at Arizona
10 ATLANTA at New Orleans
9.5 ST. LOUIS at Detroit
3.5 BUFFALO vs. Houston
3.5 MIAMI at NY Jets
3 DENVER at Baltimore
3 MINNESOTA at Green Bay
3 JACKSONVILLE at Tennessee
1 NY GIANTS at Philadelphia

Don't forget, picks are due by Saturday midnight, and entry fees are due by this Friday, Oct. 30. I am still waiting on Annie, Dan, Mark, and Mojo in that department. Don't get me in a collection mode if you know what's good for you.

The standings so far:

7.5 - Gary, George
0 - Everyone else

And as always, advice and wisdom on this slate of games, from players and nonplayers alike, is greatly appreciated. Which underdog (in caps above) is most likely to win its game outright, without benefit of the point spread?

Comments (17)

Since I can't pick my beloved Ducks (getting three points at home against USC), I'll take Miami to beat the Jets.

I think Buffalo is underrated here, so I'll stay with the herd. Buffalo over Houston.

Another tough week. I'm looking hard at that Falcons-Saints game right now. Rams-Lions, next. Dolphins-Jets after that, with mild weekend weather in NYC metro. I'd like to take Broncos, but can't see Ravens losing 4th game in a row, and at home yet.

I'll wait until later to make my official pick. In the meantime I can hardly sleep, due to my excitement for the Rams vs Lions game.

The Rams may finally do it this week.

Jack, how's the real pool going? Who'd you pick last up?

I'm still bombing. This week it was Kansas City -- not even close.

Buffalo over Houston and Seattle over the Cowboys.

I'll take Minnesota. It's not going to be fun for the Cheeseheads this Sunday.

I'll email my pick later this week after consulting the Magic 8 Ball. If I go long, the Rams offer a real shot at redemption this time. I think there will be at least 3 or 4 upsets this week. Miami, Jacksonville, Minnesota and Denver all have good potential.


Stafford will be rusty and w/o him, well, the Lions are the Lions. St. Louis has their QB back and Jackson is due for a big game.

Beside, you need points in a hurry

If I were in the real pool for real money I'd be very tempted by St. Louis. The Lions shouldn't be favored by 9.5 over any Div. I-A college team with a .500 record, much less an NFL team. So St. Louis is quite tempting in the sense of that's a nice point pickup.

Only problem is, St. Louis has to win outright, not just beat the spread. Since Detroit is at home, it's a 12.5 point reversal against the odds. It will indeed be a surprise if St. Louis is 13 points better than they seem so far.

I guess that last comment is wrong -- the home field advantage is already in the 9.5 point spread. Still, is St. Louis 10 points better than they seem?

I am going with Buffalo. I promise I sent you the check. No collection mode necessary.

Put me down for San Fran, because, well, I cannot think of a because.

I'm sure I'll feel sheepish on Sunday, but I'm rambunctious today...put me down for St. Louis.

I'll take Carolina. Playing at AZ is like playing on a neutral site their crowd is so docile. The weapons are there for the Panthers, they just need to remember how to run the ball. They should not be a pass first team.

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