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Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to get a raise without working

Former State Sen. Vicki Walker, whose paying gig at the state parole board ended before it started (and without a plausible explanation) has landed on her feet in a cushy federal job. It's hard to tell what all she'll be doing, but apparently it entails handing out federal pork to farmers. Her new salary will be $133,170 a year -- the parole position was going to pay $97,020.

The new setup sounds even sketchier than the previous one. I hope she stays out of trouble.

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Heck I would do that job for $110,000.00

Who do I call, Obama?

Hey, I've got an idea. When elected officials want to resign before their term expires, they have to pay the cost of holding a special election to replace them.

If you don't want to serve out the term, don't run in the first place.

Does her PERS seniority transfer to the federal pig trough?

The only reason to do the State Legislature gig for $21K per year is to gain retirement time before you bolt to a six figure job appointed by some Party comrade.

Who wants to retire with a PERS based on your $21K per year, when you can get a cush $100K+ job.

As JFK says, ask not what you can do for your country, but what can your country do for you.

Say what you will, but they do take care of their own.

Imagine what harm she could do with a little Blog and a lot of anger.

That's easy to answer, No her PERS doesn't transfer to the Feds. And salary not possible pension is the reason to move to a Federal position at this stage of her career.

Five years in a Fed position gets her post-retirement health care benefits for life.

If necessary, folks like her can find a way to transition into a civil service position if they see a change in administration coming.

What happened, Vicki? Who got to you? Very, Very sad to see you sell out like that...

It should be pretty obvious that her past court reporting gig was not paying off.

Life is all about who you know, what you know means virtually nothing.

Vicki is the person who stood up and exposed Neil, right? So, she has guts and integrity. So, I would hope that she will work hard and do a good job in her new position.

I see it as a "hush position". Sad, but typical when individuals in government get too knowledgeable about the disgusting.

Review the Oregonians article on the energy tax credit scams reported today. State employees are being fired or excused for whistleblowing. With the Oregonian being very proactive in promoting tax credits (for about anything) and lauding "sustainability" endlessly, for them to write the following is amazing:

"State officials DELIBERATELY UNDERESTIMATED the cost of Gov. Ted Kulongoski's plan to lure green energy companies to Oegon with big taxpayer subsidies, resulting in a program that cost 40 times more than unsuspecting lawmakers were told..."

With the bad economy and even with stimulus dollars benefiting mostly government employees by 85%, maybe there are not enough government jobs left to quiet all the disgruntled employees like they may have done with Walker.

I have to say that the "unsuspecting lawmakers" line is pretty charitable.

Although, in their defense, we have definitely set things up to fail in terms of expecting any legislative oversight. Nobody wants to think about the downside of the very part-time Legislature that we have, but this debacle should definitely count towards that tally.

When the Leg meets it's absolute bedlam, with hearings stacked upon hearings stacked upon hearings, with lobbyists being the only ones who've had any time to prepare. The schedule is so compressed that there's little or no attempt by the Leg to do any form of oversight, of to simply have any time to learn about how the last set of laws are working out.

Basically we run a very large, round-the-clock diversified business with a very part-time absentee board of directors made up of amateurs, none of whom got the seat on the board because of any particular competence in program evaluation.

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