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Monday, October 5, 2009

Hey, I'm gonna get you too

Gourmet magazine has folded. (Via the O, which is owned by the same people.)

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The O is owned by Conde Nast?

Not exactly.

you gotta love media conglomerates

I've noted magazine new subscription offers - and renewals as well - have gotten pretty desperate lately. There are some real bargains out there.

The O is owned by Conde Nast?

It's all owned by the Newhouse family.

Not only is it owned by the Newhouse family, but the Conde Nast magazine empire was able to burn money for decades because of all the money Newhouse papers were making. Those days, though, are gone, and most magazine analysts are waiting for the next Conde Nast magazines to get cut free. (I have my money down on Wired, mostly because the whole "Information wants to be free" Cat Piss Man contingent isn't much on paying for magazine subscriptions when there are Star Wars figures to collect.)

I don't know about Conde Nast but when I published a magazine some years ago, a couple of my writers initially refused to submit anything if I was in any way affiliated with Hearst. I think they still own the Fancy publications (Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Horse Fancy, Bird Fancy, Ferret Fancy - just kidding about the last one), among others. No idea how well those are doing; I've lost track.

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