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Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess what's coming to the Oregon State Prison

Would you believe, a marijuana farm?

"The fact that the feds are backing off is going to allow changes that are going to make it more accessible," said Bill Morrisette, a state senator in Oregon and chairman of a committee that oversees the state's medical marijuana law. Mr. Morrisette said he expected a flurry of proposals in the Legislature, including a plan already floated to have the state grow the marijuana crop itself, perhaps on the grounds of the State Penitentiary in Salem.

"It would be very secure," he said.

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I don't agree with medical pot, but I can see the state wanting to be in control of growing & distribution. And I think they should have to get it through a pharmacist, with a prescription.

But growing it at the prison? Couldn't they think of a better place? That just seems like a really bad idea.

It's always been 3 hots and a cot in jail/prison. In Oregon it will soon be 3 hots, a cot and pot.

It will be very secure ... I always love starting my day with a chuckle.

Let's see: we pay to keep in jail the people who grew and sold the marijuana, so they can grow and sell marijuana for the state. Brilliant.

More fodder from Oregon for the funny pages....

I support full legalization of marijuana for adult use, but putting the state in charge of growing it is a terrible idea.

Good to see that out state is getting ready to do its share when government health care kicks into high gear ... so to speak.

I can just see it now. "Harry, come on we're here to break you out. Heck no, this stuff costs on the outside. I whine about glacoma and a hurt pinkie and I'm high all day, get the heck outta here, I'm staying."

We'll have prisoners trying to figure out ways to STAY in the pen. "Jim, you scheduled to get paroled tomorrow." All of a sudden Jim slugs the guard and gets another two years added on to his sentence.

Prisoners from other states begging to transfer to Oregon. Oh, yeah, what a great idea.

What do you mean we WILL have people trying to break into prison?


I support the state growing and taxing it, in theory. Right now, it's a very hazy black market, easy to abuse.

But consolidating at the state means that the Feds would be able to shut the whole program down in a day if the political winds in D.C. change. Just send a cease and disist to the state with whatever types of threats they can come up with. Boom, the medical marijuana program is shut down until the courts chew it up.

Has anyone else noticed the late-night ads for medical marijuana prescription-writers appearing the past couple of days? "We have doctors who can authorize prescriptions for medical marijuana," or something of the sort. Startled the heck out of me when I first saw one.

Bill McDonald, could you please have Jay Leno give you on-the-air credit for the one or more jokes Jay will tell about this marijuana fiasco? I'd like to know it's you getting the bucks. I bet he'll tell at least four nights of jokes about it.

It doesn't sound like this is necessarily going to happen--note "proposals", "plan" and "perhaps".

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