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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frozen taters

We Americans are an ingenious lot. Our national pastime has been booted out of the Summer Olympics, but now we're making it a Winter Olympics candidate. They're playing pro baseball in Colorado right now. It's 30 degrees.

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It's gotten ridiculous the past couple of decades, not only playing in places like Denver but also so much later into the year. For perspective:

--Willie Mays made his famous World Series catch on Sept. 29, 1954.

--Don Larsen pitched the only World Series perfect game on Oct. 8, 1956.

--Micky Lolich won the seventh game of the 1968 World Series on Oct. 10.

--Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in a World Series game on Oct. 16, 1977.

--Kirk Gibson hit his famous home run on Oct. 15, 1988.

These are all events that happened in the World Series, which still could be two or more weeks away this year. Baseball was not meant to be played on Halloween.

Nor was October baseball meant to be played at night.

Baseball is Exhibit A when you want to talk about the corrupting power of money. Shame.

Roger that, Roger. This game will end after midnight in Denver; after 2AM in Philly.

They wonder why kids don't follow the sport anymore. Duh. It's a school night. Even this rabid fan might call it quits tonight. School tomorrow, you know?

As a Seattle Mariners season ticket holder for the past five years, it appears like it's way past time to either A) shorten the season by 8-10 games; or B) simply have less travel days during the season.
And let's not forget the Minnestota Twins will be moving into an open air stadium in the not too distant future. I'm sure the fans will love those early April and late September games with the possibility of several inches of snow.

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