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Sunday, October 25, 2009

First week's 'dog picks are in

We've now got 21 players in the underdog pool, and they've made their choices for this week's games. Here they are:

7.5 BUFFALO at Carolina - Gary, George
7 CLEVELAND vs. Green Bay - Gordon, Robert, Michael K.
7 MIAMI vs. New Orleans - Michael W., Rick, Flynn, Sidney, Doug
7 WASHINGTON vs. Philadelphia - Annie, Mark
6.5 OAKLAND vs. NY Jets - Bad Brad
5.5 KANSAS CITY vs. San Diego - Dan
4 MINNESOTA at Pittsburgh - Kevin, jmh
3.5 ATLANTA at Dallas - Andy, Mojo
3 SAN FRANCISCO at Houston - Hank

Nobody wanted these 'dogs:

15 TAMPA BAY vs. New England
13.5 ST. LOUIS vs. Indianapolis
7 ARIZONA at NY Giants
1.5 CHICAGO at Cincinnati

I didn't hear a word from genop or genop's mom, and so unless they can show that I somehow overlooked a legit communication of their picks, they sit out this week.

Enjoy the games, everybody.

UPDATE, 4:52 p.m.: There has been only one underdog winner after all of the day's action: Buffalo over Carolina. Congrats to Gary and George on the 7.5-point pickup. Still to play: Washington vs. Philadelphia, tomorrow night, for Mark and Annie.

Comments (4)

Oops - Minnesota is my pick. Mom Oakland -again. It's only about 8 AM if you'll relent.

And good luck to all the underdogs and thier pickers.

Humble pie doesn't taste too good. Favre's pick-six in the last minutes of the Steelers game lost me 4 points. And my dismissal of the 'Fins over the Saints is looking shaky with Miami up 24-10 at the half.

Geno, your picks would not have counted. As it turns out, it did not matter. Please get your picks in by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday. (Or before kickoff for a Thursday or Saturday game.) If this post goes up before I get it, you have to sit out.

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