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Monday, October 19, 2009

Echo in here?

Did I hear somebody say "poster child," yesterday?

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You did.

"advancing a liberal agenda on the major issues, including the economy, health care and climate change"

OK, I am confused the agenda on the economy is nothing besides more buckets of money poured into banks or failing corporations. No one knows what kind of suasage is coming out of Congress on health care. Climate change = higher taxes, same CO2 output. If I'm wrong let me know, since Earl has done nothing but complain and no constructive suggestions otherwise.

I thought the conservatives didn't have a clue.

With all of the people on the left and the right that he's failing to please, it's looking like Obama will be a one-term president.

Vote Palin/Heene in 2012!!

You may be right None, Obama still has an above average rating, unfortunately the congress is being led by the two most inept characters possible. Reed and Pelosi, The only clam to fame for Reed is he was able to get funding for a high speed train from Los Angeles to his home in Las Vegas. Pelosi on the other hand was able to get a wage freeze for her beloved Dole Pineapple friends.

But! But! Glen Beck sez we're Socialist Nazis now...

From Obama to Palin/Heene? If those are my choices, I'll stick with Obama.

Talk about the fat into the fire! Isn't there a middle ground somewhere?

And don't get me started on Reid/Pelosi!

Let's properly identify the enemy, the enemy of individual liberty.

"Colorado insurers say health care bill would lead to 'system collapse'"

At issue are what insurance companies consider absurdly low penalties for people who choose not to buy health insurance.

How could I support Earl and Ron? (. . . . consistent with preserving individual liberty.)

If I cannot insure myself or insure another then neither I nor any individual can logically be recognized as having any right-to-insure-another to confer to any private corporation that they form. It must be a disallowed purpose for the privilege of incorporation, and by extension the disallowance of the privilege of limited personal liability for folks with a beneficial interest in such private corporation.

Are the Democrats really ready to recognize private corporations as superior persons with superior rights relative to real live people?

If not, then there can be only one option on the table . . . . exclusively a public initiative of some sort to cover unpaid medical bills. There is no available argument that dictates that it must inherently be framed as insurance.

No complex mix of carrots and sticks -- specific to private corporations -- can overcome recognition of private corporations as superior to real people resulting from a mandate that individuals carry insurance.

(Question) If an individual does not have the capacity to enter into a private contract (e.g. to pay their own bills) then where does one dream up the right of any individual or group of individuals to form a private corporation, a limited personal liability private corporation, to do the very same thing?

There is a logical impossibility problem with the government demand to buy insurance if private insurance companies are consider to be an acceptable option, a private option. If any private entity can offer any insurance then I can insure myself. Period.

Next issue:

The obscenity of corporate supremacy is illustrated in a perpetual push to adopt tort "reform." If the value of a human life is capped at a cool million then so too must any claim by any private corporation in any court in the US. Cap it at a cool million. It is the only egalitarian thing to do when dissolvable private and public-private corporate robots mingle amongst us mere mortals. (Alternatively, dangerous doctors could and should be stripped of their licenses. Repeat offenders cause a liability explosion.)

"Reform" is like some sci-fi flick where self-replicating robots have enslaved humans to perform some unpleasant task, motivated either by supposed economic efficiency or for some perverse robot pleasure. "We are here to help you! Don't you understand, it is for your own good?"

Strip the limitation on personal liability for the masters of the robots. That is, let them drink some of their own poison.

Earl "which way are the political winds blowin' today" Blumenauer.

I am not able to get past the obvious grammatical error in the first paragraph of the article. No matter... Folks rooting for Palin won't notice.

Obama's presidency will go down about like Jimmy Carter's. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but once elected could not focus enough to get anything meaningful accomplished.

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